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Could America Be Getting It's Own Eurovision?

First there was Eurovision, then it was announced Asia Eurovision, now it looks like the greatest show on earth is set to go truly global, with America joining the party. This would be true if recent newspaper headlines are to be believed. America who have the biggest music industry in the world, seem all set to have their own Eurovision. Although, the EBU are likely to want to keep its own brand it could be "AmericaVision".

According to the British paper "Metro", the organisers of Eurovision are looking to their Western neighbour in order to expand the contest, and make the brand truly global. America which has 50 states, could easily mimic the semi finals, and the Grand Final, that us Europeans have in our Eurovision.

Although, nothing is confirmed, signed, sealed or delivered, the Eurovision Executive Supervisor, Jon Ola Sand has made no secret on his wish for America to have their own version of the contest.

Just two days after it was announced that the broadcaster Viacom were given the rights to broadcast the Eurovision in the US, fans who live in the states could be extremely delighted to know that they have their own show.

Of the plans Jon Ola Sand has stated, "We also want to see if it's possible to create an American version of the Eurovision Song Contest, although we haven't concluded that yet... This is a long term strategy for sure to see how far outside of Europe the brand can reach".

What many may seem interested is the use of the word "brand". Some may argue that the initial competition set up to bring a war torn Europe together, is now a brand and an idea that the whole world will be a part of.

This announcement comes weeks after Eurovision announced that the "Eurovision Asia Song Contest" would be happening. Although, no dates, venue have officially been announced at this point.

For those that say this may never happen. Just a decade ago it would have seemed equally impossible to say that Australia would be singing at the Eurovision.

Whatever happens, Eurovision is set to stay, and set to expand. Do you think this is a good idea? Let us know in the comments below:

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