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Confirmed | Luxembourg will not be on stage in Lisbon!

Every year amidst the trickle of participation announcements and rumours, we hope for the return of one of the most successful Eurovision nations of all time, however today it was confirmed by the national broadcaster (RTL) that they will not be rejoining the party in Lisbon (source

The small nation participated in Eurovision since its inception in 1956 all the way through (with the exception of 1959) to their last participation in 1993, winning the contest five times, and hosting it four times.

They were not able to participate in 1994 due to a poor final placing in Millstreet the previous year, resulting in them being relegated to allow for the influx of seven new countries that year, however never took up their opportunity to return.

Fans thought that their luck was in in 2004, when Luxembourg had initially been announced as a participant, only to withdraw in the build up to the contest.

There has been much talk since then of Luxembourg's possible return, including a petition to have the issue of a potential return debated in parliament, however each year fans of the small nation are disappointed. This month we were lucky enough to catch up with Anne Marie David, who won the contest in 1973 for Luxembourg, however whilst Anne Marie did hint that she herself would like to participate in the contest again, there was no talk of a return for the small nation.

Whilst we join many of you in your disappointment that they will not be returning, we keep the faith that Luxembourg will one day be back on the stage, and joining the likes of Italy who made a successful return to the contest following a long hiatus.

What do you think? Were you hoping for Luxembourg to return this year? Would you prefer to see any other country return, or a potential debut? Let us know in the comments below!

Too young to remember ever seeing Luxembourg on the Eurovision stage? Take a look at their five winning songs below...


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