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Khelena Merrai Will Sing For Belarus At The JESC

Belarus has chosen Khelena Meraai to represent them at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi, Georgia with her song “Ya Samaja”. The winner was determined by 50% televote, 50% jury vote. Khelena proved to be a popular winner, coming first in both the televote and the jury vote. TEO (Belarus participant at Eurovision 2014 with "Cheesecake" was one of the hosts of the national final. Alexander Minyonok who achieved 7th place for Belarus at Junior Eurovision 2016 opened the show with his Junior Eurovision entry “Muzyka moikh pobed”, and also performed a cover of the Shawn Mendes hit "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" during the interval act. The interval also saw some of the acts perform that just missed out on the final 10, but that were regarded highly by the juries.

Anastasiya Bahinska Will Sing For Ukraine At JESC.

Ukraine has hosted their national selection for Junior Eurovision 2017 and after all ten songs had competed and the jury and televote scored had been combined Anastasia Bahinska won will be representing Ukraine in Tbilisi, Georgia in November, with her entry "Do Not Stop". Anastasiya will be hoping to "Shine Bright" at the Olympic Palace on November 26th. The official results of the jury and televote have not released publicly yet, but shall find them here once they are, Anastasiya follows in Sofia Rol's footsteps in representing Ukraine in the Junior Eurovision Contest, Anastasiya performed sixth in the show, which lasted just over three hours long. Despite the English translation used for the entry, Anastasiya's song currently in 100% sung in Ukrainian.

Romy Monteiro Will Not Represent Netherlands At The Eurovision Song Contest

It was rumoured several months ago that Romy Monteiro could possibly be the Netherlands next big star to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon 2018. However, it has been recently revealed that she was asked to perform at the dutch "Songfestival", however she will not be present. According to the dutch news website she wants to make more of her own music before she would consider joining the contest. She told Lars Boele's radio station that the rumour was true, but she wanted to make more music and release an album before she would enter Eurovision. To the delight of many of her fans including team Eurovoxx she did state, "I have not turned it down", possibly hinting that a future participation may be on the cards.

Australia Confirm Eurovision 2018 Participation

The next country to confirm its participation is Australia who via their television network SBS, have confirmed they want to bring an artist to Lisbon next year in a bit to win Eurovision 2018. The managing director for SBS stated, " SBS is proud to secure Australia's return as competitors in the Eurovision Song Contest for the fourth year, as the country's unique affection and passion for Eurovision continue to grow". These comments were seconded by Paul Clarke, their head of delegation who said, "It's wonderful that we're back! In the three years that we have competed in Eurovision we have achieved huge success". Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey will also return as commentators for the second year running after Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang ceased with the role in 2017.

Louis Walsh Will Not Give Up On Ireland At Eurovision.

Louis Walsh who has been responsible for several acts at Eurovision including Jedward, and Brendan Murray last year seems unwilling to give up on Ireland at Eurovision. He recently appeared on RTÉ chat show "Saturday Night with Miriam" where he got asked about Eurovision, and the result that they were not expecting in Kyiv. To put it simply it is evident that Louis believes whole heartedly in the competition, and urged artist and song writers to not be afraid on the competition and support it. On this years participation and the type of song Louis told Miriam that, " I picked a ballad this year because we always won with ballads... I thought we were going to do really well". Referring here, to the likes of Johnny Logan and Linda Martin. As with many outsiders, he too was surprised that Brendan did not qualify. Loius had stated that he had given a strong performance, and that he was convinced that he would reach the grand final. What next for Ireland?

JESC Postcards Revealed

The Georgian Broadcaster GPB has released information on the postcards that will be shown before each song at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi, Georgia. Zaza Orashvili has been chosen to create each of the postcards. He will work with a team of people who will go to various different locations throughout Georgia to show the European audience the beauty, diversity and culture of Georgia. Zaza Orashvili has said that the aim of the postcards is to: “show the viewer at home the beauty and the treasures of Georgia.” The idea for each postcard is to show the different regions of Georgia through the view point of people travelling there. Upon travelling to these destinations, they will collect a Georgian artifact that they will present to the participants. There will be a mix of famous Georgian people alongside non-famous Georgian people taking part in the postcards, including last year's Junior Eurovision winner, Mariam Mamadashvili.

Imri Nominated At Kan Gimel Awards

IMRI showed the world he felt alive in Kyiv this year, and this week , he announced to his followers on social media that he had been nominated for "singer of the year" and "song of the year" at the Kan Gimel Awards 2017. The awards were held by the radio station Kan Gimel (Kan C) which is one of the top Israeli radio channels promoting Israeli music. It is also part of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (IBC). After making it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, we think IMRI has a great chance of winning both awards for which he is nominated, and wish him the best of luck!

A SongWriting Camp Will Be Held For Eurovision 2018 Selection.

It was announced earlier this week that a song writing camp will be held in Maur to help decide Switzerland's next Eurovision entry in 2018. The camp will try to compose 15 songs to compete the Swiss national final. The camp will work with five groups of people made up of three to five individuals working together. The songs will be produced over three days and will compose of individual singers, composers, musicians etc; This is a refreshing change for Switzerland. Could it lead to a potential winner? Stay tuned to find out.

EuroStarz In Concert 2017 A Euro Delight

It has been a week since London "Relived the moment" former Eurovision stras all came together to celebrate the joys and wonders of the Eurovision Song Contest. The venue was the Star of Kings and guests included Karl William Lund, Salena Mastroianni, Kurt Calleja, Mihai Tristeraiu, Anjeza Shahini and former Eurovision winner Anne Marie David. In the day they were interviewed by various bloggers and Eurovision websites, whilst in the evening they all sang a medley of songs which included Eurovision hits. This went down well with the audience who had an amazing evening. Here is to next year.

Your Favourite Eurovision Stars Have Some New Singles Out

It has been a busy week for all your favourite Eurovision artists releasing new songs, check them all out below:

Amir With The Song "États d'Amour"

JOWST (feat. Aleksander Walmann) With The Song "That Feeling"

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