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#ThatFeeling! JOWST and Aleksander Walmann are back!

So they were totally the coolest boys in Kyiv right? We have never hidden our support for these guys, and so no-one was more delighted than #TeamEurovoxx when JOWST and Aleksander Walmann grabbed the moment and seized 10th place in the Grand Final at Eurovision 2017 in front of almost 200 million viewers, so when JOWST started teasing us with a daily countdown to new music on his twitter account, we were incredibly excited!

Since Eurovision, Grab The Moment has continued to garner new fans, and has now been streamed over 12 million times, becoming a main-stay on both Norwegian and International radio, and now the boys are back with follow up single ThatFeeling.

Speaking of the new single, JOWST told us via his press release:

“It has not been easy to make a follow up for Grab The moment. We have been working really hard to make a song that can surpass Grab The Moment’s success. When we finally had a result we we’re satisfied with we felt this magical feeling, which is exactly what the new song is all about”

Well we think you guys are in for a treat! The song is definitely a summer banger, with JOWST's top class production, and Aleksander's smooth and soulful vocals, and acts as an awesome follow up to Grab The Moment! so be sure to listen to ThatFeeling on Spotify, and don't forget to let us know if you are loving it as much as we are in the comments below!


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