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Romy Monteiro Will Not Represent Netherlands At Lisbon 2018

It was rumoured several months ago that Romy Monteiro could possibly be the Netherlands next big star to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon 2018. However, it has been recently revealed that she was asked to perform at the dutch "Songfestival", however she will not be present. According to the dutch news website she wants to make more of her own music before she would consider joining the contest.

She told Lars Boele's radio station that the rumour was true, but she wanted to make more music and release an album before she would enter Eurovision. To the delight of many of her fans including team Eurovoxx she did state, "I have not turned it down", possibly hinting that a future participation may be on the cards.

She is famous for being a musical actress having appeared as the lead actress in the musical "the bodyguard" , but first rose to prominence on "The Voice of Holland" in 2014. Romy is no stranger to Eurovision either as she will host the national final for the Dutch selection of the "Junior Eurovision 2017".

Judging from her positive response Eurovoxx are in doubt that she will have the honour of representing the Netherlands in a future competition.

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