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NEW SINGLE- "États d'Amour" Amir Is Back

Without doubt France's 2016 representative Amir was one of the coolest participants at Eurovision that year. There is no doubt that this guy is probably one of the coolest French guys on the planet. His distinctive singing tone certainly sets him apart from other artists. When he represented France in 2016 he was one of the favourites to win, he didn't! However he did place a very respectable 6th position which was the nations best result in years. Since the contest he has released numerous singles, and we are so glad that he has added "États d'Amour" to that. Check out the video below:

The song translates into "State Of Love" will certainly be his next big hit. Only released several hours ago it has amassed over 25,000 hits on YouTube just showing Amir's general appeal. The video which is more lyrical in style is very simple with the words appearing on the screen interspersed with images of this French superstar. It's simplistic style is very easy on the eye but is memorable with an almost retro feel.

The song itself has a subtle beat which blends in so well with his singing voice. The song is very Amir, which is most certainly a compliment to this amazing singer. Just as the summer is ending, this is a perfect accompaniment to any iPod playlist. At Eurovoxx we would not be surprised to see this charting well in France, and possibly other European nations too. If you are wanting more material from Amir you wont have to wait long, as it will be on his new album which is scheduled for release on October 27th of this year. It is available to buy and stream from all major platforms.

At Eurovision being one of the "Big 5" gave Amir a grand final place where he took full advantage by taking 6th position out of 26 songs with his song "Ja'i Cherche" in a very strong year. He was awarded 257 points of which 109 were from the public vote, and 148 from the juries.

Stay tuned to further announcements on Amir's forthcoming album. We hope you enjoy this new song as much as we have.

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