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EuroStarz In Pictures

Saturday 19th August was the date, the Star of Kings London was the venue. "Relive the moment" with us as we show you "EuroStarz in Pictures".

Karl William Lund

Karl William Lund was the first person we spoke too. Interviewed by Elliot he told us all about his "Eurovision You Decide" experience. He was very fun, and engaging to talk too. We had to get the customary selfie in.

Anjeza Shahini

Next we were very honoured to speak to Anjeza Shahini who made history for being Albania's first ever Eurovision entry with "The Image Of You". Andy interviewed this stunning lady, who is now half a Brit now. Picture 4 she flashes her wedding ring to us, and she was more than happy to have a Selfie with us.

Salena Mastroianni

Salena Mastroianni was next to be interviewed. She was impressed by Elliot getting her surname correct first time. She told us all about life on "Eurovision You Decide" and life after it. This girl can sing, and has an amazing future. She rocked the selfie.

Kurt Calleja

Everything about Kurt was so cool, including his impressive red trainers. He told us how he loved performing for Malta with "This Is The Night", and would if an opportunity should arise would represent Malta again. Please do!!!! When it came to the Selfie, this guy was a "Pro" .

Mihai Traistariu

Eurovision legend Mihai was more than happy to talk to Andy. He relived the moment with his song, "Tornerro" back in 2006 and told us all about his willingness to be the first Romanian to win the contest, and how he continues to try. We even managed to get a selfie of a selfie thanks to Mihai's team.

Anne Marie David

Team Eurovoxx were in the presence of Eurovision royalty when Anne Marie David was more than happy to talk to us. She likes to give, and certainly gave us a wonderful interview on life during and after Eurovision. It was an honour to talk to the former Eurovision winner who just radiated happiness when we got our selfie with her.

EuroStarz The Concert

Karl William Lund takes to the Stage with Anjea Shahini, Anne Marie David and Salena

Kurt blew us all away with his amazing vocals. We loved his songs, "Love on Mars" and "Vertigo" and his version of "Volare" was exquisite

Anjeza was simply amazing. Her songs went down really well, and the song "The Image Of You " sounded just as good now as it did fourteen years ago.

Words can't describe how much Mihai can sing. He has a powerful instrument there. His songs were really popular with the fans in the audience. He really got the party started, and "Torrnero" went down a storm.

The Queen of Eurovision Anne Marie David getting a helping hand of Karl. All these years later she still commands an audience, and still has the most amazing voice. Eurovoxx loved her!!! "All Hail Queen Anne Marie"

As a special treat for the audience, the show ended with fifteen minutes of the best of British entries at the Eurovision Song Contest. The audience loved it, danced and sang to it all. the ending got the biggest cheer of the night.

Thanks to the artists and "EuroStarz in Concert" for a fantastic night. We will "Relive the moment" with these amazing pictures and memories. Here is to next year!

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