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Why Malta Needs Kurt Calleja?

When it comes to Eurovision, there is no doubt that the small Maltese nation certainly packs a punch. With the exception of Luxembourg who have won the competition on 5 previous occasions no nation as small as Malta has done so well at the competition. In Eurovision the small, Mediterranean island has always tended to fare reasonably well. In 1998 when a young Chiara stepped onto stage in Birmingham, things seemed to change. Europe fell in love with this woman, who finished third, with it only being pipped to the top spot with the last set of votes from F.Y.R. Macedonia. Although not a winner she returned home to a heroes welcome. This being indicative of how people treat the competition there. In more recent years the country has had mixed fortunes, and certainly with the introduction of the semi finals, have had a mixed bag of results.

This year when Claudio Faniello just missed out on a grand final position, the team at Eurovision only came to one conclusion, and that was Kurt Calleja needs to represent Malta again. For those who did not see Eurovision 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan a very energetic made the competition his, with a song entitled "This is the night". Unfortunately he did not win, however he did make an impression. The choreography and those special steps certainly left their mark. Check out his Eurovision performance below:

Fast forward 5 years and he appears at "EuroStarz in Concert" London, not only singing his Eurovision entry, but a medley of Eurovision hits, and songs from his album. He certainly turned heads as his vocal skills were on par, and seem to get better with age. He is truly the master of the Italian language and his rendition of "Volare" and "L' Essenziale" gave us goose pimples. His Eurovision song "This is the night" sounded just as good on this night, as it did in Baku. Kurt also sung songs from his album "Love On Mars", which team Eurovoxx loved. The songs "Love On Mars" and "Vertigo" were very modern sounding, but could easily be winning Eurovision songs too. He got everyone singing and dancing to them. Some days later, the songs are still being sung in our heads.

His stage presence was phenomenal, and it was fairly obvious that the audience loved him, and couldn't get enough. What is more important though is that you can genuinely see the love of music, the competition and his fans that just radiates from Kurt. If he were to perform again, this would certainly go down well with the voting public. He also has charisma, and personality that seems to be lacking from some Eurovision performers, All of these combined would certainly result in a winning performance. Check out his amazing single "Love On Mars" below:

When Elliot from team Eurovoxx interviewed him in London Kurt told us that he loved the competition, and would love to represent Malta again. "When it comes to Eurovision, it is the biggest platform for Malta... it is a great exposure", he told us. He also stated that every time he wanted to enter the competition, something would come up that would prevent him. He even joked about 2018.... Our final words would be, "Kurt please come back to Eurovision..... Malta needs you" .

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