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Louis Walsh's Unwillingness To Give Up On Ireland

It is fair to say that when it comes to Eurovision, Ireland still holds the crown of being the most successful nation in the competition. With 7 wins under its belt, and a string of top 10 results, no-one should ever write this Celtic nation off. Up until the dawn of the new millennia Ireland was always up there. However, in more recent years, and the introduction of the semi finals, this western nation has faired not so well. It looks like Sweden are creeping ever so closer to snatching this crown. With the country last qualifying for the Grand Final in 2013, it seems to many that Ireland are giving up when it comes to the Eurovision. That is except for one man Louis Walsh who still believes passionately that they can reverse their fortunes.

He recently appeared on RTÉ chat show "Saturday Night with Miriam" where he got asked about Eurovision, and the result that they were not expecting in Kyiv. To put it simply it is evident that Louis believes whole heartedly in the competition, and urged artist and song writers to not be afraid on the competition and support it. This is certainly something he has done over recent years. He introduced Jedward to Eurovision giving Ireland some long last credibility, and he has always seemed to champion the competition with former winner and friend Linda Martin.

Brendan Murray performing "Dying To Try" In Kyiv

On this years participation and the type of song Louis told Miriam that, " I picked a ballad this year because we always won with ballads... I thought we were going to do really well". Referring here, to the likes of Johnny Logan and Linda Martin. As with many outsiders, he too was surprised that Brendan did not qualify. Loius had stated that he had given a strong performance, and that he was convinced that he would reach the grand final.

What is perhaps most refreshing to see is that the music mogul, despite a string of bad results stated that Ireland should stick at the competition and not give up. He acknowledged that not getting to downhearted by the failures, would once again lead Ireland to success and top of the Eurovision board.

No matter your opinions on Louis Walsh it is so nice to see how positive he is to the competition, and not bitter despite recent results. Many nations could learn from this attitude. With RTÉ organising a Eurovision forum and this positive attitude could we see Ireland's fortunes change? Stay tuned to find out.

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