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Salena Mastroianni Talks To Eurovoxx

Another artist who was present at the "EuroStarz in Concert" show in London was Salena Mastroianni. Along with Karl William Lund she was another contestant on "Eurovision You Decide", but this time in 2017 with her song "I Don't Wanna Fight". Although very popular with her fans, she failed to win the golden ticket to Kyiv being beaten by Lucie Jones' "I Will Never Give Up On You". Salena who again turned heads due to her beautiful looks, and stylish choice of attire was very happy to be interviewed by Eurovoxx team member Elliot with the video below:

The interview began well with Elliot pronouncing Salena's surname correct, with her saying we were one of the only groups to have done so. On being asked how she was, Salena said that she was very excited, and was very honoured to have been asked to participate in Eurostarz, and that it was nice people wanted to hear the song again.

On being asked how she felt when she performed on "Eurovision You Decide 2017" she said, "Like nothing I've ever experienced in my life, it is probably the most exciting thing that I have ever done". Salena acknowledged she had worked with some pretty major artists as a backing singer but being at the front singing was a new experience altogether. "To see the pretty die hard fans at the front wanting to touch you.... the audience made it for me". This summing up Salena perfectly on how she respects and adores her fans, and those who love Eurovision.

When asked about the staging and the song, and how there was an army theme, Salena told us that they decided on the style of the song. She added the choreographer worked with her, and introduced some of Salena's moves into his interpretation of the song. "They dressed it to that".

On why she decided to do Eurovision, Salena told us that the year before she did the backing vocals for all the artists including Karl, "the producer recommended me", but Selena thought it was going to be backing again. Never did she dream that she would be at the front of the stage with all of Europe's eyes on her. "I was like Oh My God...Flawed, and thought absolutely. It was an honour to be asked". She told us that she would never have said "No" and that "I don't wanna fight" was going to be definitely her song.

In regards to the song that she sung, Salena said it wouldn't have been her personal song to write, "however the vocals are very powerful, and I am a pretty powerful vocalist". She went onto say that, "the message behind it sat well with me... and I wouldn't sing anything I didn't like".

Also, this was the first time that she had ever had the stage to herself, and sung for millions. "It was pretty terrifying" she exclaimed, "when you re-hearse you look into an empty audience... after your VT when you come out and see all the flags waving, they are not looking at the artist but you", referring to the difference on being a backing singer as to the main singer. "It was very different feeling, and an amazing feeling".

"Eurovision You Decide" has been a platform for Selena, as she has new management now. She is writing again and finding herself. "I am developing myself", she told us.

If the opportunity arose she would definitely take part again or put forward a song. "I definitely wouldn't say No". Salena was very gracious on losing to Lucie at the national final, she told us "that girl can sing". When they first heard her perform "I will never give up on you" Salena stated everyone went silent. They all seemed to know it would be the winner.

Finally, when asked on how the UK should chose it's representative Salena thinks they should try and "X Factor" style programme and let the UK public have a deciding vote. "You are not going to please everyone... you can sing you have to tell yourself". This showing exactly why we love her. Salena's positive attitude did shine through. Conchita would be the artist that should also love to duet with too, "she is so wicked and awesome".

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It was a real pleasure talking to Salena, we are hoping that we will see her around very soon . Please do Eurovision again, all at Team Eurovoxx love you.

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