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Mihai Traistariu Talks To Eurovoxx

This time Andy had the great honour to talk to the Romanian power house that is Mihai Triatariu. as everyone will be aware Mihai represented Romania in Eurovision 2006 with the song "Tornerro" which came an impressive 4th giving Romania its second best ever placing. As expected, he was a very lovely person who was more than happy to answer our questions on life with Eurovision and life after Eurovision. As you are already aware, this man can really sing. Check out his interview below:

It was Mihai's first time to London, and he told us that he really enjoyed it here. He had visited some British museums, and parks. He had become very cultural whilst over here. Unfortunately he was only in the UK for a couple of days, so didn't have chance to enjoy the glorious British weather, or lack of it.

Mihai told us that he was a huge Eurovision fan, so he was very excited to be in London for the "Eurostarz in Concert". He told, and delighted us with 5 songs, four of which were Eurovision, whilst the fifth was from Beyoncé. Having heard him perform live, he was amazing. He didn't make it easy on himself at all, but we all know that he can hit those high notes, and he certainly did. Of his songs he was slightly worried that he would not know the words to "Fairytale" by Alexander Rybak but was re-assured by Andy that the audience would know, and sing along with him.

Of his Eurovision song "Tornerro" Mihai told us, "29 countries it was played on the radio" demonstrating how popular, and how much of a Euroivsion classic it had become. On Eurovision itself he told us, "Romanian people don't like Eurovision so much... they see it as an old fashioned festival. I am a huge fan of Eurovision, and there are a lot of Eurovision fans in Romania". Mihai told us as a child he watched it, and always wanted to perform in it. After 6 attempts he was lucky to be given the chance, and he even tried last year, and this year coming second.

Of this years Romania's entry who just beat him Illinca ft Alex he said he liked them, and duetted with her, and as a former jury member gave her ten points. "She was very good" he told us. He even knew Alex who he met seven years ago, and gave him advice on how to succeed, which had obviously paid off.

On the drama that affected Romania last year when they could not perform due to financial debts, Mihai stated, "it was strange.. it was the first time a country didn't join the competition when they were supposed too". He acknowledged it was sad for the artist, and that he would want to do Eurovision again. "It was a crazy thing" he told us.

For the future Mihai got very excitable and told us he will represent his country again. "I feel like I must win for my country.... it's my first dream to win Eurovision". We get the impression we shall see him a lot more at future competitions. He acknowledged if Portugal could do it after 49 years so could Romania. Team Eurovoxx were so impressed with his knowledge, and clear love for the competition.

Another question that had been asked of previous artists at "EuroStarz" is who they would duet with. Mihai told us, "Anna Vissi...Loreen.... Dima Bilan there are a lot of good singers that I don't remember their names".

It was an absolute pleasure talking to this Eurovision legend. We enjoyed every minute of interviewing him, and were totally blown away by how amazing his vocals were. He really got the party started. Good luck, and Eurovoxx really hope's to see you at Eurovision again, where we will support you.

If you want to see more of Mihai Traistariu, like we do. You can follow him on the links below:




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