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The Georgian Broadcaster GPB has released information on the postcards that will be shown before each song at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Zaza Orashvili has been chosen to create each of the postcards. He will work with a team of people who will go to various different locations throughout Georgia to show the European audience the beauty, diversity and culture of Georgia.

Zaza Orashvili has said that the aim of the postcards is to:

“show the viewer at home the beauty and the treasures of Georgia.”

The idea for each postcard is to show the different regions of Georgia through the view point of people travelling there. Upon travelling to these destinations, they will collect a Georgian artifact that they will present to the participants. There will be a mix of famous Georgian people alongside non-famous Georgian people taking part in the postcards, including last year's Junior Eurovision winner, Mariam Mamadashvili.

In the coming weeks, GBP are set to reveal more details about the stage design, the opening and interval acts, as well as who the hosts will be.


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