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It's "Another Week" And Eric Saade Is Back With His Brand New Single

The Swedish heart-throb who made Eurovision "Popular" again with his thumping tune, giving Sweden yet another top 5 placing at the contest is back with his brand new single "Another Week". Released by 2017 King Island Roxystars Recordings AB, two days ago, and on YouTube it has already amassed nearly 27,000 views in such a short time. It is also available to stream on Spotify and buy on iTunes. Click the video below to watch it:

Sporting a very different look and style to his 2011 Eurovision performance, it really seems that Eric Saade, along with his music has morphed and matured into something very different. Eurovoxx loves the infectious pop songs of Saade, but is also blown away by how good his new style is. He is aesthetically pleasing to both the eyes, and the ears.

The song that has hints of R n B along with a cool sounding beat does leaving you tapping your feet. The lyrics as in most songs these days there is a sense of longing. The song does have a carefree feel to it, and the lyrics certainly reflect this:

It was only for the summer, I know I know Every moment I was whitcha, I know I know I was losing track of time, living for the minute I promise, I'm so glad I spent it with you Oops, there goes another week of my life, my life And I'm so glad I spent it with you (you) And I'm so glad I spent it with you I'm so glad I spent it with you

Another week which he makes much reference to how fast life has gone, and "Oops, there goes another week of my life".

The video also seems to reflect this and shows a house party. There is a pool and lots of empty bottles. What is different though it is children who are partying and having the time of their lives. More than likely being indicative of how "there goes another week" is so quick that these children go from that to adults. It is a very clever video, with a very clever song. It is a very good song, and can easily see that it will be successful. Indeed the last half of the video is exactly the same as the first except the children are now adults. If you are looking for that last hint of summer, watch and listen to this song.

At Eurovision Eric brought the house down with his massive pop hit "Popular" which was both loved by the public and juries. He gained 185 points, coming a very respectable third place.

Both before and after Eurovision he has been extremely successful. He first rose to fame with the boyband "What's Up!", gaining somewhat notoriety. He has released 5 albums all doing very well in the Swedish charts. He also loves to tour, something which he has also done on 5 occasions. Although he didn't win Eurovision in 2011, that has not stopped him winning many awards in Sweden, something he has done several times. He has also tried to represent Sweden at Eurovision in 2015. Will we see him at Eurovision again? Stay tuned to find out.

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