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Anne Marie David Talks To Eurovoxx

Eurovoxx saved the best until last when we had the great honour of speaking to Eurovision Royalty that was Anne Marie David. Extremely friendly and eager to chat, we were privilidged to be in the presence of such a huge Eurovision star. As a lot of you may be aware Anne Marie David represented both Luxembourg in 1973 winning the contest, and also France in 1979 coming third. Dressed very smartly she kindly give us her time, and talked to Andy from team Eurovoxx. See the link below:

Anne Marie David clearly loves to perform and engages with her audience so eloquently. We agree with her that her song is one of the best Eurovision winners that there is. She told us that she intended to "renew" her song for her 45th anniversary of it winning. "I still love the song... but I should renew the song" she told us. The renewed song is like a ballad she said, but it has a message "I discovered how rich it is in all the languages". She re-recorded the song in all 5 languages which will delight all her fans. Next year she will release a single where all 5 versions will be available.

On asked how it felt being so young and how it was a different Eurovision back then to now she told us, "I've always loved competitions...I wanted to say I am the winner... Singing has chosen me". Back then she admits she caught the audience and that is the reason as to why she may have won. She acknowledged you only sing for one person, "each person has a vote, so you sing for everybody".

When being described as a star, Anne Marie did not like that as, "stars are light then disappear... I like the words interpreter... because artists are born being an artist". She added the most difficult part of being an artist is finding out who you are, and to show to the audience who you are too.

In regards to Eurovision when told that it showed that she had really embraced it, she replied, "I like to give... this song in 73 has stayed in time". Which it truly has being one of the evergreens of the contest. "Even the generation that were not in my generation... the people look and still have the same impression of this lady dressed in red, and a bit crazy". Anne Marie admitted when she watches her performance it's not her that she see, but an external person. She also admitted she did something special that night, and compared herself to Mary Magdeline from Jesus Christ Superstar when she played her.

Anne Marie David delighting her fan at "EuroStarz in Concert"

When asked about this years contest Anne Marie told us that she listened to it on the Radio. She told us that there was no TV at her home, and it was the first time in her life she had heard Eurovision on the radio. "It has completely changed my view of the songs". She agreed with Salvador's statement that there was too much "Fast food music". "The problem is we hurry to much on everything, we don't take time for nothing". This was backed up by the comparison of the Olympics in which athletes train all their lives, this she believes should be done with music. Of the song Anne Marie said, "I heard it, I felt it... my ears were my eyes".

On being back at Eurovision she told us that she had tried many times to come back. Even as recent as two or three years ago, Anne Marie was still trying. If she would come back to the contest, "it would be for victory... I would make the top ten at least, this is my guarantee... I would love too", In regards to her fan base she admitted she loved them all, and they were like her children. "It's good to be useful", she ended the interview with. Her music is testament to all that, and Eurovoxx loved interviewing her, and so happy that she gave so much of her time to us.

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