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Kurt Calleja Talks To Eurovoxx

Everyone's favourite Maltese Kurt Calleja was in London this weekend for "EuroStarz In Concert", whilst here we had the great honour of interviewing him. Kurt who represented Malta in 2012 when the contest was held in Azerbaijan qualified for the Grand Final with his infectious and up beat song "This Is The Night". Even five years after the show it is still very memorable as it contained some serious moves in the form of his shuffling feet. Kurt arrived all smiles and was eager to be interviewed. Appearing extremely trendy with the most impressive red trainers we have all seen in a long time, he was all kitted out for the Summer. Wait!!! We mean the Maltese Summer, and not the British which was dull, cool and overcast on the day. Elliot conducted the interview, and check it out below:

As mentioned earlier, Kurt exclaimed that he was adjusting to the British winter... We mean summer, as it's currently around 35 degrees currently in Malta. When asked about Baku he said, "When it comes to Eurovision, it is the biggest platform for Malta... it is a great exposure". As it was his second attempt to represent the small island he felt that it was "great.... it was quite strategic as it sounded like the songs on the radio at the time". Of the staging, and the vast size and how they made it work for them he said, "I am lucky my brother is an architect... we always used the dynamic of the stage... we created a camera script.... I knew when to look at the camera". This was clearly evident as it was one of the more memorable performances of the night.

When asked that five years on would he change anything Kurt said, "We were very happy with the performance, I did one small mistake during the first chorus". However, he did say that they practiced the moves and song for months, and that they were very happy with the way it went.

On his backing singer Amber, who represented Malta a few years later with the song "Warrior", Kurt smiled and replied "when she won, I felt like I won... basically that year I was planning to go back into Eurovision". After listening to her entry he told Amber "I was going to submit a song, and now I'm not going too, so I could be part of her supporting team". He had also given her a lot of psychological help too. "I could speak from experience".

Eurovoxx would love Kurt Calleja to represent Malta again, when asked by Elliot if he would he said, "every year I'm tempted to go back, but every year something comes up". He mentioned his friend Ira Losco and hearing her song "Why bother" to which he got a few chuckles from the Eurovoxx team. Last year, he was working on his new album and didn't have time to prepare for the national final. Going into Eurovision Kurt said, "artists should never take it's a lot of work... yeah I would love to do it again". Please, we really want you to do it.

When quizzed over Malta's national final, and the rule to keep 100% televoting, and his thoughts on it, Kurt said, "It is difficult to say because either way it would not appear fair". He added that 6 professional people could over rule 400,000 people who are entitled to vote. "There is always an argument pro or against". However, Kurt won thanks to the televote, where as the judges put him at second place. "I am always going to be more biased to televoting".

When pressed why he has come to London to perform at the concert he stated, "I owe a lot of debt to Eurovision... I get to travel and perform .... and make a decent living with myself". He owes a lot to Eurovision fans he believes, "I always thank them with a lot of gratitude". He also explained that it is a job that he loves too.

Elliot put Kurt on the spot and asked if he could duet with any Eurovision artist who would it be? Kurt said, "That's a tough one....Marija Šerifović... we got a long so well, and found out we are both Taurus'... I love her soul and passion for music". He said she has a beautiful voice.

If you would like to follow Kurt he can be found below on the links:




It really was a real pleasure talking to Kurt, who also performed amazing during the "EuroStarz In Concert" show. He has an amazing voice, and awesome stage presence. "Please Kurt represent Malta again".

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