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Eurovision Asia... What We Know So far?

Ever since it was announced two days ago. The whole world has gone crazy over this new proposed show "Eurovision Asia Song Contest". Although, not a big surprise for many who have seen it branded about as a rumour over the last few years. The fact it has been announced now has left fans gasping. Australia have joined Eurovision, so with this new contest, where will their loyalties lye? Or will they do both? There is no escaping that Eurovision has gone truly gone global. It has even been rumoured that Africa may showcase an artist in Lisbon (whether or not that be as an interval act). There is no escaping that the Eurovision show is broadcast all over the world. With yet another spin off, it is becoming looking more possible that we will have Eurovision on our screens all through the year in some form. Which definitely isn't a bad thing. Check the trailer below. So what do we know so far?

For a start it wont be called "AsiaVision", it seems that the EBU are keeping their brand under tight control. On the official Eurovision Asia site, they are asking for your help, but add that the competition will closely resemble the mother of the shows Eurovision. "Countries from the Asia-Pacific region will be able to compete in their own version of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. Each country will showcase their song writing and performing talent to Asia and the world and compete to be crowned the winner of the first ever Eurovision Asia Song Contest."

When Eurovision first aired in 1950's only 7 nations took part. It is likely that the number on the Asian equivalent will be at least 20, with a large territory that it will cover. The new contest could potentially bring in huge audiences from China, India, Indonesian which could dwarf the Eurovision viewing figures if this show was really to catch on.

At the moment no countries have been confirmed, nor has a date been set, so it could potentially be 2019 before the first ever "Eurovision Asia Song Contest" appears on screen. It will also be a challenge to have a broadcasting language too. With a vast territory and so many different languages, which will take president?

The EBU are keen to emphasise that everyone will have their part to play, and it is up to the general public to have an in put. On the official site they say, “We want you to tell us about your favourite Asian music, your favourite singers, songwriters, and who you would love to see perform on the stage of Eurovision Asia. “It will only succeed with the support of Asian pop lovers like you. Who should compete? Who will win? We would love to know what the fans want.”

It will be very interesting to see how this new show pans out, and if it succeeds. Possibly "AmericaVision " next. Stay tuned for more up dates or releases on this.

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