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Karl William Lund Talks To Eurovoxx

Fan favourite Karl William Lund who performed at "Eurovision You Decide 2016" was in London this weekend for "EuroStarz in Concert 2017". Karl was there to reprise his national final song "Miracle", and also other songs, but also host the event, and compaire. Whilst there Eurovoxx had the pleasure of talking to this wonderful man, who was more than willing to be grilled by Eurovoxx team member Elliot. As per usual looking very stylish he was happy to answer our questions. Check the interview out below:

In regards to hosting "Eurostarz in concert" he was "excited" and not really prepared a script, and wanted to "go with the flow and be spontaneous". He has taken tips of last years host Nikki French and will be well prepared with a drink in his hand. Karl is very friendly with Salena who's interview will follow. He joked that he had a new manager which was her sausage dog.

When asked what he had been doing in the previous year he exclaimed that he had a very busy year, which Elliot put it was very different to what Eurovision artists do. He has been working on the cruise ships and singing all around Florida and the Caribbean. We must admit it shows, as his tan looks amazing. He also said that, "it was a chance to work on my craft... and get better and better".

In regards to not being part of the Eurovision selection this year and being away from the "Eurovision bubble" he said, "I did write songs for a couple of countries this year". Which proved successful as he got whittled down to the top 5 in Ireland and the top 3 in Azerbaijan. He is still mixing in the right circles. Karl also acknowledges his friend Martin Fitch who just narrowly missed out on representing Poland at Eurovision again. Keep an eye out for Martin's new album as Karl has written two songs for it. Also, "Eurostarz is a good omen for artists".

As we are all aware Karl loves Eurovision and two of his favourites did not qualify. "Blackbird" and "Verona" disappointingly did not make it through the semi finals, however Karl did sing these songs as almost a tribute during the concert. He did also love the revamp of Lucie's "I forgotten the name of the song.... help me out" which was "I Will Never Give Up On You". Which he explained "I love it so much I forgot what it was called". As we all agreed with him, "It was an amazing performance, and she deserved to come much higher".

On the way the UK selects its entries he said of "Eurovision You Decide", "Is a step in the right direction for the UK... it shows the UK public are starting to take Eurovision serious... if they keep that format and the level of performers and songs they should keep on getting better and better". We certainly agree there.

On whether or not he will be producing another album, Karl is still undecided. He has material written but not sure if it's going to be for other artists or himself. "Maybe both" he added.

Finally Karl told us that if he could duet with anyone it would be with Salvador as he was wanting to practice his Portuguese speaking skills, that he has been learning since being on the cruise ship. Karl your Spanish is on point. "duas cervejas se faz favor"

It was a massive pleasure talking to Karl, and as ever he is very obliging and such a lovely and talented person. If you've liked what you seen which we are sure you are follow him on :




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