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Bulgaria, Are They? Or Aren't They?

When the list of countries for the Junior Eurovision Song contest was announced yesterday, many were left asking, "Where is Bulgaria"? A country that has certainly flowered over the last several years in both the main and junior Eurovision, has left many fans of this eastern nation surprised as to why they are not going to be present. Although, it looks increasingly unlikely that they will be present at the Junior Eurovision, could a similar fate be fall Bulgaria in Lisbon next year?

When it comes to the Junior Eurovision it is essentially to late for the country to participate. It is now early August, and the competition will be held in November. The country's reason for not participating all comes down to the national broadcaster, who is expected to elect a new Director General for the "BNT" on August 23rd 2017. As there will be a new Director General they will then decide the way forward for the country in regards to its participation at the contests. Below is a tweet from the official "BNT" Twitter site:

Although participations for both events are not ruled out at the moment, it is certain that this new Director General will have a massive say in regards to the way forward for Bulgaria. Certainly with two consecutive top 5 finishes for Bulgaria that culminated in a near win for Kristian Kostov last year, it would seem a strange decision not to participate. However, with these things it all comes down to money, If the network find that they need to save money, and that a participation is not worth it, Bulgaria along with San Marino, Andorra, Luxembourg and Turkey may not be present in Lisbon. All eyes will now be on the next Director General. Will Bulgaria be present in Lisbon? Stay tuned after August 23rd to find out.

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