JESC 2017 | Ukraine to host National Final on August 25th

Ukrainian Broadcaster NTU have revealed the 10 finalists that will take part in the national final on August 25th.

A total of 27 acts performed in Ukraine's capital, Kiev, in front of a professional jury who then selected 10 finalists to take part in the national final. The members of the jury were: Rozhden; Sofia Rol (Junior Eurovision participant 2016); Svitlana Tarabarova; Valentyn Koval and Viktor Knysh.

The 10 finalists:

1. Anastasiya Baginska – “Do not stop”

2. Darina Halycka – “Angels”

3. Duet Hilarmurchuck – “Where Are You And Me”

4. Fedir Sklyarenko – “Come On, Sing”

5. Nina Boikova – “Dream Is Near”

6. Polina Ryzhak – “On Your Way”

7. Sofia Bondarenko – “Music of Your Soul”

8. Sofia Lozina – “I believe”

9. Sofia Shkidchenko – “Yodeley”

10. Veronika Kovalenko – “In My Dreams”

So who will follow in Sofia Rol's footsteps?

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