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Australia Confirm Junior Eurovision Participation

Australia has confirmed that they will be taking part in Junior Eurovision 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia. This will be the third appearance of Australia in Junior Eurovision. In contrast to previous years, Australia will broadcast the contest on ABC ME, instead of SBS. This decision was made as ABC ME is more targeted at children and families. Grace Koh, host of ABC ME, will be joined by Pip Rasmussen and Tim Matthews during the broadcast of the contest. Australia will be broadcasting the contest on Monday 27th November at 7.30pm. David Anderson, ABC Director had this to say: "We are delighted to be with be working with SBS, the European Broadcasting Union and production partner Blink TV on such an incredible event."

Eurovision in Concert dates announced

Not only have we had the date for the Eurovision Song Contest, we have also had the dates for the Eurovision in Concert too. The date for one of the main events in the pre-contest calendar has been announced! According to the official Twitter account, the show will be taking place on 14th April in Amsterdam, like always - just four weeks before The Grand Final. Next year will be special because this big preview event has a special anniversary. 2018 will be the 10th edition of Eurovision in Concert and in light of this it seems to be even bigger than previous years. According to their posts in social media, further information about the 10th anniversary of Eurovision in Concert will be released soon. This information will include more details about the venue and the hosts of the biggest Eurovision preview event.

RTP release the rules for Festival da Canção

The national broadcaster for Portugal RTP have today published a list of rules and dates for their up coming national final. It has been announced that 'Festival da Canção 2018' will consist of three shows. They will be broadcast on the 18th, 25th February, which will be their semi finals, culminating in a grand final on the 4th March 2018. It has also been revealed that the two shows will be shown live from RTP studios in Lisbon, with the grand final being in Guimarães. This will shine the Eurovision spot light on a different Portuguese city. The national final will consist of 20 songs. Both national finals will have ten songs perform with the top 5 from each going through to the grand final in March 2018.

Could David Civera represent Spain again?

David has made no secret in that he wants to be Spain's representative. After the Iberian peninsula came last this year, it was reported the day after by that Mr Civerra had openly offered TVE a return to the contest. Since then the only news coming from Spain is that they would be using "Operacion Triunfo" to select its entry. This week he tweeted, "Work Mode Full On So I Can Proudly Represent Spain.... My Strength And Heart Are Set On This Goal #Eurovisionn2018" . A clear sign he is very interested in being Spain's next representative.

Is Turkey ready to finally re-join the Eurovision family?

Over the last few months there have been many rumours about Turkey possibly re-joining Eurovision. First Bülent özveren who is Turkey's commentator strongly suggested that "Turkey must return" ,and that there were hints that Atiye had been initially chosen in 2016. Recently, Sertab Erener waded into the argument and said, “I think TRT will start participating again next year at the Eurovision — I mean we as a country will participate. And that’s what I’m telling you from here. I hope the one who represents us will win the contest.” This week MaNga also give one of the clearest indications yet by tweeting, "The Eurovision Song Contest? Still, new again....". Both CNN Turkey and NTV who are two Turkish broadcasters said the country would. Although, not confirmed by TRT, Eurovision Fans are going crazy at the possibility of Turkey coming back, do you want them back?

Poland confirm Junior Eurovision Participation.

After confirming their participation in Junior Eurovision 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia, Poland have now confirmed that they will select their participant for Junior Eurovision via a televised national final on October 1st. All candidates wishing to take part have until September 11th to submit their songs. All candidates must be between 9-14 and their songs must be original and cannot have been previously released. The winner of the national final will be decided by a mix of jury vote and televote.

Cyprus forge on with their Eurovision plans

Various news agencies such as "infe Greece", have reported that they have already chosen a mystery composer to help with their national final. This composer would be responsible for Cyprus' Eurovision entry. Hence hinting at a smaller national final than those seen in Scandinavia. So far this small nation has been most vocal about next years competition, and seem to be heading full steam ahead of perhaps being one of the first countries to announce its acts for Lisbon. The only thing we are waiting for is a song and artist, and with the speed they are progressing currently, it may be known soon!!!

New Eurovision.... New Rules

The EBU Reference Group have met in Geneva in June, and have now sent new, and modified rules to broadcasters wishing to be present at next years competition. and the German National Broadcaster ARD have released snippets of what is expected from the European Broadcasting Union. They state:

1) Each jury member should not have any association with a participating singer or composer. Doing so would compromise impartiality that they are supposed to have. Each national broadcaster were also informed that jury members are not allowed to discuss or make known prior to the contest of how they will be voting.

2) The EBU has stated that the host nation must stick to a rigid timetable. The EBU will be more involved in seeing that this happens. The European Broadcasting Union also specified that if a host country fails to ensure the contest preparation go smoothly, it has the right to request another broadcaster to host.

3) The EBU has emphasised that no political statements should be included in any songs, shows. This also includes any political lyrics, swearing, gestures or highlighting any other organisation

4) Delegates or delegations are not to be composed of people that are barred or under restriction to enter a host nation.

Do you think these rules will help?

Ireland's RTÉ has confirmed its participation in Eurovision 2018

Ireland's national broadcaster RTÉ has confirmed that it will be participating in Lisbon next year. They have not released any details of how they will chose their entry, which over the years has been mixed. Some years they have tended to hold a national final, whilst others have seen them opt for an internal selection, which is what they did in 2017. How would you like to see Ireland go forward?

Andorran broadcaster RTVA confirms non participation for Eurovision 2018.

As expected RTVA which is Andorra's national broadcaster has revealed that it will not be present in Lisbon 2018. The country last participated 10 years ago in 2007 and failed on every single occasion to qualify for the grand final. RTVA has cited that the country's poor results and financial strain and the reasons why they no longer participate. Maybe next year?

Eurovoxx New Releases

It has been a brand new week of music, and a brand new week of former Eurovision artists releasing new material. As reported by Eurovoxx here is a summary of the fantastic new material. Eurovoxx loves it. Check them out here:

Sergey Lazarov With The Song, “Ток красиво” (“So Beautiful”).

Måns Zelmerlöw With The Song "We Can Be The Rulers"

Isaiah With The Song, "Streets Of Gold"

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