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New Contest, New Rules

The EBU have been quite busy lately as an organisation. Firstly, they have visited Lisbon to discuss with RTP directors as to how Portugal should progress with its first ever competition. Secondly, what is generally custom at this time of year, is that the Reference Group had met in Geneva in June, and have now sent new, and modified rules to broadcasters wishing to be present at next years competition. and the German National Broadcaster ARD have released snippets of what is expected from the European Broadcasting Union.

1) There was no reference to televoting. However, they elaborated on the previous jury rule and indicated that each jury member should not have any association with a participating singer or composer. Doing so would compromise impartiality that they are supposed to have.

Each national broadcaster were also informed that jury members are not allowed to discuss or make known prior to the contest of how they will be voting. This should stop any drama's which included Norway's Per Sundnes who made not so kind comments about the Irish entry, being stripped from his role.

2) After the furore that happened in Kyiv, the EBU has stated that it must stick to a rigid timetable. The EBU will be more involved in seeing that this happens. The European Broadcasting Union also specified that if a host country fails to ensure the contest preparation go smoothly, it has the right to request another broadcaster to host.

3) As always the EBU has emphasised that no political statements should be included in any songs, shows. This also includes any political lyrics, swearing, gestures or highlighting any other organisation.

4) Kyiv has also had an impact on this new ruling too. In which they request that delegates or delegations are not to be composed of people that are barred or under restriction to enter a host nation. This applies specifically to what happened to Russia and Ukraine this year.

It is hoped with the implementation of these new rules, that it should encourage nations to effectively behave, and put aside any differences in the spirit of music. The European Broadcasting Union has always prided itself on bringing people together through song. These new rules should aide this.

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