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Sergey Lazarev Is Back With His New Song “Ток красиво” (“So Beautiful”).

In his perfect world, he found his only one, whose love is so beautiful. The Russian representative from 2016 Sergey Lazarev is back with his new song - “Ток красиво” (“So Beautiful”). In the last few days we have heard a lot of rumours and news in regards to Sergey. It has been said that he may come back to Eurovision next year to avenge his 2016 result. No official decision or confirmation has been given yet. It seems that we don't have to wait until next Eurovision to hear some new music from Sergey, as he has released this new stunning track today. Here you can hear his new song:

His new track is in complete contrast to the style of music that we have become accustomed too. It seems that this new style of music suits his voice a lot. It has a fresh sound, accompanied with some beautiful and soul touching lyrics. “So Beautiful” is the first track which has been released from his upcoming album, which is due to be released in December of this year. The track was released digital on iTunes yesterday, but today Sergey added the lyric video to YouTube.

Sergey announced the release of his new track via social media with this text: “As promised, I'm giving you the title and cover of the new single, which will be available on iTunes in a few hours! The official release date for the new track - "So Beautiful" is August 4, but usually iTunes loads the track the night before !! So, do not go to bed today until you download and listen my new song”.

After only three hours the track has debuted at number 1 spot on the Russian iTunes chart, leaving the international hit “Despacito” behind him. “So Beautiful” is also at the number 1 spot in the Belarussian, Lithuanian and Kazakhstan charts and is currently top 3 in Ukraine. Sergey is showing his fans how happy he is. On social media his song is getting a lot praise from his fans.

This song has everything that is needed to be a major hit. Its current initial success may prove that it will be the next big hit in Russia and Europe, but why not in other parts of the world too. There still is no information as to when the official video will accompany the song. Sergey does however give us some information via social media about his other track. In last few days on his Instagram page he has shared some pics from the set of the official video for his amazing song with the winner of Eurovision 2008 Dima Bilan - “Прости Меня”.

Sergey is still one of Russia's most successful singer. He has become even more famous due to his Eurovision entry last year, “You are the only one” which went on to be one of the most liked songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 track list. At the competition though his unbelievable song and performance failed to make him the winner. In his Semi Final he came 1st, with 342 points getting 148 from the juries, and 194 from the public televote. At The Grand Final he came 3rd, with 491 points, getting 130 from the juries, and 361 from the public televote. He didn't win the whole contest but at least he was the winner of the the public televote. He also won the Press Award category of Marcel Bezençon Awards and he came second in the OGAE voting poll after France. Regardless of this he was, and still is very much loved by his fans. And maybe we will see him back on the Eurovision stage with the winners trophy in his hands.

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