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Cyprus Forge On With Their Eurovision 2018 Plans.

It hasn't been quite 3 months since Eurovision 2017 ended, and one country in particular seem to be going full steam ahead, and taking the Eurovision 2018 contest very seriously indeed. We reported in June that some of the executives in determining Cyprus' Eurovision entry had met, and that there would be a launch sometime in August time for writers. It was also rumoured that Haris Saava would once again be the artistic director for the small Mediterranean island.

Along with the first national final since 2015, various news agencies such as "infe Greece", have reported that they have already chosen a mystery composer to help with their national final. This composer would be responsible for Cyprus' Eurovision entry. Hence hinting at a smaller national final than those seen in Scandinavia.

So far this small nation has been most vocal about next years competition, and seem to be heading full steam ahead of perhaps being one of the first countries to announce its acts for Lisbon. The only thing we are waiting for is a song and artist, and with the speed they are progressing currently, it may be known soon!!!

At the competition Cyprus have never won, with their best performance being 5th in 1982 with Anna Vissi, 1997 with Hara and Andreas Constantinou in 1997. More recently they achieved this position in 2004 with Lisa Andreas. More famously they are renowned for exchanging 12 points with Greece, which was continued this year too. Through their 34 appearances they have opted on to chose internally, and through a national final. This years Hovig was chosen internally, where he qualified to the final gaining 68 points and achieving 21st position.

Stay tuned to Eurovoxx for more information about Cyprus!!!

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