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Turkey To Appear At Eurovision 2018?

Since Turkey withdrew from Eurovision in 2013, the same question has arisen year in, year out. Will they or won't they? The answer over the last 5 years has been a definite no. However, with the furore that hit the Eurovision world yesterday where the Turkish band "MaNga" hinted at a possible participation in 2018, there have been other news agencies who have said that the country will. Eurovoxx will look at the factors that point strongly to Turkey being present.

It has been reported by "CNN Turkey" (click the link here) that "Türkiye 5 yıldır katılmadığı Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması'nda yeniden yer alma kararı verdi." which translates "Turkey is to join after 5 years take part again in the Eurovision Song Contest". CNN also added that the Turkish broadcaster has actively changed their minds. They also added to the furore and acknowledged that Manga has expressed their wishes to be their next entry.

Turkish news agency "NTV" have also waded in (click the link here) and shone more clarity on MaNga's announcement yesterday. They confirmed that Turkey will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, "Turkey will take part in Eurovision Song Contest, which has not been participating for many years". There are now two separate news agency's in Turkey that have confirmed by their websites that have confirmed this.

The group MaNga that represented Turkey in 2010 really caused a stir yesterday when they tweeted this:

Since then they have said to NTV which is a Turkish news agency that since Turkey would be participating that they would like to be the act that will take Turkey to Lisbon in 2018.

Early in July Sertab Erener who is Turkey's first and only winner at the competition also hinted at a possible return to the competition. On a live Instagram chat she said, “I think TRT will start participating again next year at the Eurovision — I mean we as a country will participate. And that’s what I’m telling you from here. I hope the one who represents us will win the contest.” This has added more flames to the fire, and given Turkish fans a hope that their nation would be present once more. This announcement by her has even led the Wikipedia site to include Turkey on it's list of nations that will be participating in Lisbon.

Even back in June Eurovoxx speculated with our article (check it out here) that Turkey would participate in Eurovision 2018. Bülent özveren who is Turkey's commentator strongly suggested that "Turkey must return" ,and that there were hints that Atiye had been initially chosen in 2016.

Although, all these news agencies and artists seem to confirm that Turkey will be present, it is important to stress that TRT have not officially confirmed, it has been announced that the team behind a possible participation has changed. Therefore, will it be Istanbul or Ancara calling in 2018? Stay tuned to find out.

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