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Could It Be Second Time Lucky For David Civera?

Image Taken From David's Official Twitter Account

In the late nineties and 2000 Spain did not have the best of luck when it came to the Eurovision Song Contest. A string of disappointing results which culminated in Serafín Zubiri achieving 18th position in Stockholm, led to a change of tact for Spain. They went from a blind singer singing a ballad, to a hot Spaniard singing a very Latino song, that certainly got the attention of the voters. Back in the early 2000's Spain jumped on to the fact that Ricky Martin was huge in Europe, so what would they do? The Spanish public sent a handsome man, with a song "Dile Que la Quiero" (Tell Her That I Love Her) that had a Latino vibe to it, which did extremely well. For the first time in 4 years, they achieved a top 10 placing where David scored 76 points coming 6th.

Unfortunately for Spain, the last several years have also been unkind to them, which has seen them languish at the bottom of the scoreboard more than it has at the top. Again, this culminated in a last placing with Manel Navarro only scoring 5 points. Since 1998, David's song has been the most successful song at the competition achieving 6th position. This leads us to the question could David Civera change Spain's fortunes again?

He has made no secret in that he wants to be Spain's representative. After the Iberian peninsula came last this year, it was reported the day after by that Mr Civerra had openly offered TVE a return to the contest. Since then the only news coming from Spain is that they would be using "Operacion Triunfo" to select its entry. Old news some may say.

However, yesterday he tweeted this:

Translated into English he states, "Work Mode Full On So I Can Proudly Represent Spain.... My Strength And Heart Are Set On This Goal #Eurovisionn2018"

It's very clear that David Civera wants to represent Spain, however the tone used this time may suggest that TVE may have invited him to be part of their national final. It would be very exciting stuff if he is to appear on "Operacion Triunfo". Therefore, could it be second time lucky for David? Stay tuned to find out, and check his 2001 entry out below:

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