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Eurovoxx's Eurovision Wishlist: Part 3/6

It's been almost two months since Portugal was crowned the winner of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine and many Euro-Fans are still craving for more Eurovision. To quell our need for more Eurovision, we set out to find singers from all over Europe and Australia and compile them into a wish-list for the Eurovision Song Contest. Over this six part series we will travel from Norway to Australia, from Iceland to Portugal and from Finland to Italy in search of our favourite artists from all over Europe!

Georgia - Lisa May

Maya Anna Utrugashvili, born March 1994, known by her artist name Lisa May, is an upcoming Georgian singer-songwriter. As a child, Lisa began to attend piano lessons at Tbilisi's Evgeni Mikeladze Central Conservatory for six years where she performed various piano concerts . In 2007, Lisa left her homeland and traveled to Greece where she attended guitar lessons for four years and then subsequently studied at the University of West London and Thames Valley University. In 2015 Lisa May released a number of songs with the most successful one being "Young Love" receiving around 300'000 hits on Lisa's VEVO channel on YouTube. The song showcases Lisa's ethereal and captivating voice accompanied by an enchanting piano in the background which then is gradually overwhelmed by an imposing beat taking the listener to the chorus.

Germany - Oonagh

Senta-Sofia Delliponti, known professionally by her stage name "Oonagh" is a German singer and songwriter born in 1990. Oonagh found her way to fame on the talent show "Star Search" wherein she acheived second place in the category "Music Act from 10-15 Year Olds". After finishing her education Oonagh began to perform at various theatres throughout Germany as well as a role in the German soap Opera "Gute Zeiten". However, it was music which was Oonagh's main focus, after all she came from a musical family, and one year after leaving the soap opera she released her debut album which reached platinum-status in Germany. Oonagh is one of the most unique singers in Europe mainly due to her musical style and her inspiration. Her signature music style is inspired by the mystical lore of J.R.R Tolkien's universe and by ethnic sounds throughout the world, which is especially reflected in the anthemic pop song "Gäa" (Gaia).

Greece - Tamta

Tamta Goduadze, better known as just Tamta, is a Greek-Georgian singer born in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi at the beginning of the 1980's. Tamta began singing at the age of five in her home country, however moved to Greece with her family at the age of 22 where she decided to enter the singing competition "Super Idol", in which she placed second in the final. Tamta has been connected with Eurovision in the past as she attempted to represent Greece in Helsinki in 2007 and also stated she would like to either represent Cyprus or Greece at Eurovision 2009, however, none of these have materialised yet. Additionally, one of her newest songs "Unloved" (shown above), which is a thumping, uptempo pop song with an infectious chorus and drop was rumoured apparently originally planned for the Greek national final in 2015. Hopefully one day Tamta will make it to Eurovision as she certainly has the experience and discography to take Greece back to the top.

Hungary - Bogi

Boglarka Dallos-Nyers, born April 1997, known simply as just Bogi or Bogi Dallos is a Hungarian singer who gained recognition after competing in Hungary's national final for Eurovision, A Dal, in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Her musical genres include, pop R&B and most notably Indie Pop, which is refelcted in her entries to A Dal. In 2013 Bogi submitted a Hungarian language R&B song to the contest, competing in the first heat, however didn't earn enough points to pass to the semi finals. The next year she returned with a song more reflective of her current style. The song "We All" was Bogi's most successful entry in A Dal reaching all the way to the final only to be knocked out by Andras Kallay Saunder's "Running". Bogi's song didn't just do well in A Dal, the song also climbed all the way to number one in the Hungarian chance and was selected to represent Hungary at the OGAE second chance round. One of hew newest songs, "Feels So Right" is another uplifting and cheerful indie song, not unlike "We All" and will make you want to dance along to it's summer melody and put on a flower crown just like Bogi.

Iceland - Thorsteinn Einarsson

Thorsteinn Einarsson is an Icelandic singer born in the country's capital, Reykjavik, who became famous after competing in the Austrian talent competition "Die Grosse Chance". After living in Reykjavik for 5 years, Thorsteinn moved to the Austrian city of Salzburg where his father was studying singing, however, returned to Iceland just three years later with his mother. When Thorstheinn was 11 he founded his first band and after three years, he returned to Salzburg to his father who was working as an opera singer. In 2014 he took a chance and auditioned on the Austrian televised talent show "Die Grosse Chance" wherein he was the most successful male act in the competition eventually finishing fourth place in the final. To date, Thorsteinn has released an album in 2016 under his name which reached sixth place in the Austrian charts as well as numerous singles with the most recognised one being "Leya" a heartwarming and touching song which achieved great success in Austria breaking into the top 10 in the charts.

Ireland - Markus Feehily

Markus Feehily, formerly known as Mark Feehily, is an Irish singer and songwriter most famous for being one of the lead singers of the boy band "Westlife" from 1998 to 2012 along with Irish Eurovision representative Nicky Byrne. The band came to an end in 2012 after fourteen years of performing and Markus stepped away from the music scene for three years until 2015 when he reignited his music career but this time as a solo singer. His first song as a solo singer was entitled "Love Is A Drug" and was also included in his debut solo album "Fire" in October of the same year. The album achieved a lot of success in Ireland reaching second in the charts and did well in England too reaching 25th on the list. Another one of his most famous songs as a solo artist is "Butterfly" which is an empowering pop song with a almost an anthemic quality especially in the chorus due to the song influence of the bass and instruments in the background.

Israel - LINA

Leena Makhoul, better known as just LINA, is an international singer-songwriter with Palestinian heritage. LINA was born in Ohio USA in 1993, however moved to Acre, Israel as a young child where she began to focus around music through singing, playing the piano as well as dancing. LINA rose to fame in Israel after taking part in the country's biggest TVB show, The Voice Israel, and become the first Arab to win the competition through the public vote in 2012. At her audition LINA earned the praise of all four judges, who had all desired for her to join their team, and passed through the competition to the final held in Tel Aviv where she won the show with over 60% of the votes in the final. LINA's result at The Voice Israel has earned her recognition from the band Queen as well as singer Adam Lambert who selected her to open their show in Tel Aviv in front of an audience of 51,000 people showing that LINA can definitely perform in big arenas and on TV. One of her newest songs "Dance Sucker" is an infectious pop number with a rhythm and melody that will be spinning around your head for days to come.

Italy - Bouchra

Bouchra Dibe, simply known professionally as just Bouchra, is a singer who was born in the town of Tiznit, Morocco, however grew up in the province of Livorno in Italy. Bouchra is a young upcoming songstress and has shown a passion for music and singing since childhood, recording and publishing covers which eventually led her to collaborate with Italian composer Francesco De Benedittis, who you may remember as being the composer for Marco Mengoni's "L'essenziale" which won San Remo in 2013 and took Italy to the top ten in Eurovision 2013. Bouchra and Francesco worked together in 2016 to produce Bouchra's most successful song to date - "Blanc ou Noir" (White or Black) which has achieved over 1.5 million views on YouTube. "Blanc ou Noir" is an enchanting. delicate and simple, yet very effective, song similar in some ways to Alma's Requiem as it features similar acoustics and instrumentals as well as beautiful Parisian scenery. Aside from singing in French, Bouchra has sung songs in her native Italian as well as English in her latest song "Yallah" which was released in January 2017.

If you want a short recap of all of the songs and artists - have a look at the video on our channel!:

What do you think of our choices? Do you agree with them? Make sure to let us know and check out the next installment of our wishlist next week. In the meantime be sure to follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

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