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Could The Host City And Dates Of The 2018 Eurovision Be Announced Tomorrow?

It's that time of year that we have all been waiting for. Tomorrow evening it is rumoured to be announced that the date, and which city will have the pleasure of hosting the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest. It's time to get your credit cards ready to book your flights and rooms ready, if this rumour is correct. The EBU along with RTP should announce in a press conference tomorrow evening at around 18.30 CET, according to ESC Portugal. The official Eurovision website have also added fuel to the fire by adding that a very important announcement in regards to the 2018 edition of the competition is expected tomorrow. Tomorrow evening, all eyes will be on Portugal.

As reported several time by Eurovoxx delegates from the European Broadcasting Union have visited Portugal, and RTP the four cities who have expressed their desire to host the competition. Although not confirmed, it looks highly likely that Lisbon will be that city. Not only does it have the largest arena , but it also has a large number of hotels that can accommodate all the fans and press. Only two days after the competition RTP in a statement said that Lisbon would be the city they would like to see have the chance to showcase Portugal.

It was also already rumoured that the second week in May would be the most likely time for the competition to take place. Tomorrow's announcement will confirm or deny this.

The four cities in with a chance are as follows:

1) Lisbon- MEO Arena with a seating capacity of 20,000 is amongst the favourite with the EBU

2) Braga's - Parque de Exposições de Braga which currently can hold 3000, but with upgrades extends to 15,000

3) Gondomar- Multiusos de Gondomar Coração de Ouro a smaller arena that can hold up to 8000 people

4) Santa Maria de Feria- Europarque the venue can hold up to 11,000 people

As it stands a total of 20 countries have provisionally confirmed to the EBU that they intend to participate in Eurovision 2018. A few who have not have still been rumoured to have held talks on the way forward for 2018. Tomorrow night will it be "Lisbon calling?

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