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VOXXNEWS WEEKLY~ Eurovision News RoundUp

Slovenia's Carmen Manet Wins The First Ever Eurovision Choir Of The Year

Last night saw the first ever Eurovision Choir Of the Year competition held in Arena Riga, in Latvia Riga. The competition that saw nine countries compete a medley of songs that lasted no longer than 6 minutes, and reflected a side of the nations culture culminated in Slovenia's Carmen Manet win. There was no public vote which saw a panel of three judges, Latvia's Elīna Garanča (mezzo-soprano), United Kingdom – John Rutter (composer), Switzerland – Nicolas Fink (conductor) declare them the winner. The top 3 were:

1) Slovenia



The show was produced, and went smoothly. It has been announced that the show will run every 2 years. However, if the viewing figures proved it popular then the competition may be run annually. Eurovoxx thoroughly enjoyed the show, and hopes it continues to go from strength to strength.

The Running Order For Belarus Junior Eurovision Has Been Announced

The running order for the Belorussian National Final in Minsk was revealed earlier this week. The running order is as follows:

  1. Khelena Meraai

  2. Anastasiya Timofeyevich

  3. Ruslana Panchishina

  4. Elina Mataras

  5. Yaroslav Sokolikov

  6. Stefaniya Sokolova

  7. Ariny Pekhterevoy and Anastasii Dmitrachkovoy

  8. Kvartet Natsional'nogo tsentra detskogo tvorchestva im.V.Mulyavina

  9. Mariya Zhilina

  10. Anastasiya Sokolova

The national final will take place on August 25th. These ten artists were whittled down from an initial 45 that were selected by a jury of seven members. Good Luck Belarus, may the best song win.

Ireland's RTÉ spent €331,000 on Eurovision 2017

It has been announced this week that RTÉ spent €331,000 on Eurovision 2017. The public broadcaster sent a team of 16 to Kyiv which included the singer, and the total cost racked up was the figure given above. A breakdown of the bill suggests it cost Ireland €84,534 for its "active participation" of the competition, and the rest of the cost covered the artist, designer fees, the cost of staging the production, dress rehearsals, graphics, props, costumes etc; According to the RTÉ spokesman, "This fee allows RTÉ to deliver seven and a half hours of entertainment programming to the Irish viewers". The broadcaster has refused to reveal how much Louis Walsh who managed Brendan's participation got paid for his services. " Do you think it was money well spent?"

Sweden's Eurovision Representative from 1971 and 1972 Berndt Ost Dies Aged 86

Berndt Ost who represented Sweden at the Eurovision twice in the 1970's with the group "Family Four" has unfortunately died at the age of 86, after battling a long term illness. He first represented Sweden with the group in 1971 with the song "Vita Vidder" where they came 6th with 85 points. They represented Sweden again the following year with the song, "Harliga Sommerdag", coming 13th place with 75 points. After the group disbanded in 1989, Berndt continued to work as a solo artist, and did well in the Swedish charts. All at Eurovoxx would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of Berndt.

Las Ketchup Imply They Were Made To Do Eurovision

The girl group that everyone remembers from the early 2000's "Las Ketchup" with the song "The Ketchup Song" , who then went on to represent Spain in 2006 for Spain with the song "Un Bloodymary" have recently revealed in an article on "El Mundo" that "We didn't chose to do Eurovision...We had to do it". They all had mixed feelings exclaiming they love their fans, and experience, however they could not hear themselves singing, or they didn't have any input in regards to the song and staging. This has led to quite a bitter taste at Eurovision for them. Did you like their Eurovision Song?

The Notorious Prankster Vitali Sediuk Fined 284 Euros For Streaking At Eurovision 2017

Vitali Sediuk made himself, or rather his backside, known to the whole of Europe and Australia when he streaked on stage during Jamala's performance of "I Believe In You" in the grand final of Eurovision 2017. Following the incident on May 13th, Vitali Sediuk was arrested and held in police custody for 3 days. On Tuesday, the Ukrainian courts issued Vitali Sediuk with a fine of 8,500 UAH / 284 euros for his prank. Vitali has since apologised to Jamala for the incident.

Who Will Sing For Georgia At Junior Eurovision 2017?

The host country of this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Georgia, have began their search for the lucky singer/s that will represent them on home soil in Tbilisi in November this year. Everyone who would like to apply must between the ages of 9 and 14. They must send an original song that has not previously been performed or released along with a photograph to the Georgian Broadcaster, GPB, by September 1st at the latest. After the deadline has passed, a professional jury will listen to all of the songs and then decide which song and singer they would like to see represent Georgia at Junior Eurovision.

Eurovoxx New Releases

It has been a brand new week of music, and a brand new week of former Eurovision artists releasing new material. As reported by Eurovoxx here is a summary of the fantastic new material. Eurovoxx Loves it. Check them out here:

Soraya Ft Mister Mimon With The Song "El Pretendinete"

Ira Losco With The Song "Oh My God"

Loic Noett With The Song "Mud Blood"

Manel With The Song "Keep On Falling"

Lindita With The Song "Rock Whine"

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