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Spain's Sassy Soraya Serves Us Her New Song "El Pretendinete" ft Mister Mimon

Everyone's favourite Spanish superstar Soraya Arnelas is back with her new summer smash hit single "El Pretendiente" ft Mister Mimon. The song which was released several days ago it is already hitting the right note with her fans. Released by Universal music it is already doing well on YouTube by clocking up over 125,000 views, which is very good going for such a short space of time. You can stream the song on Spotify, and downloaded it on iTunes. Be Sure to do so as this is guaranteed to be the next Summer smash hit. Check the tune out here:

The song translated into English as "The Pretender" is a catchy, fun loving hit that will get you toe tapping straight away. You do not need to understand or speak Spanish to get and enjoy this song. The tune will leaving you smiling, and the video is very easy on the eye. Mister Mimon does the majority of singing, with Soraya joining in at key places. The video is cute, and encapsulates the fun song. It's set on the beach and see's Soraya, and a handsome man enjoying each others company, and fumbling around on the sand. If you want a feel good song to listen to this summer, check and play this song out.

At Eurovision Soraya represented Spain in 2009 with the song "La noche es para mi" (This is the night for me), written by a team of Swedish producers this song proved very popular and got her a lot more fans. A fun and energetic performance, unfortunately saw this song come 24th out of 25 places. It was only one point that made sure she didn't come last. Performing last probably didn't help her case. It also charted at position 9 in the Spanish charts. Regardless, Soraya, and her song have become evergreens at the competition. Check her performance out here:

Outside of Eurovision the famous singer has done well. Penning her first album in 2005, she has added a further 5 more studio albums to that list, all achieving moderate success. She also has a quite impressive list of single releases too with over 20 singles, all doing reasonably well. She is a woman of many talents and has appeared on a lot of Spanish television as a contestant, and judges on various reality television programmes. "Soraya Please Come Back To Eurovision".

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