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"Oh My God" Ira Losco Releases Her Brand New Single

Malta's very own "7th Wonder" and the lady who can "Walk On Water" is back with her stunning new single "Oh My God" which features the rap vocals from YouTube sensation Shyli. This is the fourth single from her new album which will be released later this year. The song which was released over two days ago has already racked up over 150,000 views on YouTube, and shows the sassy Ira has everything it takes to be a huge pop star both home and abroad. Help us clock some more views by checking the video to the new song here:

This latest single follows the last one, "We Are The Soldiers" that was released earlier in the year, and proved very popular with many of her fans. The song itself written by Ira Losco and Howard Keith seems to bring back her fun side, and "OMG" really shows this stunning Diva has her fair share of attitude. Of her new single Ira said, "I wanted to release a single which reflected my current frame of mind". As with many songs these days, it features the themes of heart break and revenge, along with the willingness to move on.

The video and the song itself is very cool indeed, and very easy to follow. It has a catchy theme, and shows Ira along with a plethora of attractive ladies showing their moves. "Oh My God" is the perfect summer party hit that will be sure to be played over and over again. "Oh My God" Ira Losco "What have you done to me"? is a fantastic hit single which will certainly go places.

The lyrics demonstrate her heartbreak, "Well my hair’s a total mess, mascara running down my face. Feel the walls around me, as they’re slowly caving in I was glad to see the back of you….." However, like the strong woman she is, she shows that, "Now I’m feeling fine and got myself together. Lipstick on, I Look the part from head to toe. You just wait and see how I can do it better". The song features the amazing rap vocals of Shyli too, which considering the song are not out of place, and make the song stronger itself. Eurovoxx says, "Oh My God! You need to check this song out".

At Eurovision Ira Losco is a mega star having producing some of Malta's best results. She first participated in 2002 when the contest was held in Estonia with the song "7th Wonder" , and came second to Latvia who just piped them to the top spot with the last votes, scoring 164 points. She returned in 2016 with the song "Walk On Water" which easily qualified to the final where she came a respectable 12th place gaining 153 points. Of which the juries awarded her 137, however the new scoring meant she was penalised by the public giving her only 16. Check the Euro entries out here:

Outside of the competition as a solo artist she is very successful. She has performed in over 15 countries, won 20 awards , and has played alongside renowned international acts such as Elton John, Katie Melua, Maroon 5, Akon, Mel C, Ronan Keating, Bob Geldof. She is extremely busy and successful having produced four studio albums, and 44 singles which have all charted very highly. Her appeal too, can also be attributed to her being a genuinely lovely person who stands up for the rights of others. Ira Losco is a keen LGBT activist, along with the anti-bullying campaigns amongst teenagers that she supports.

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