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Slovenia Win The First Ever Eurovision Choir Of The Year.

It's official, the wait is over and Eurovision's new programme, "Eurovision Choir of the Year" has it's very first winner. Slovenia were announced a short time ago by a rapturous applause by the audience. The Choir itself could hardly contain themselves, crying, and screaming for joy, as this victory brings them a first ever win of the Eurovision family of events.

9 Choirs from Europe performed in Arena Riga with various styles of national music, and tastes portraying the best of their homelands. Even though there could only be one winner, all the other nations took it gracefully and applauded the shows first ever winner.

The competition was not about gimmicks, but about voices and how all could come together to harmonise, and unite Europe once again in song. There were a variety of songs from the boys from Belgium trying to march to victory. Wales tried to "lul" with their "Welsh Lullaby". The Hungarian's tried to drink their way to success. The German's swung it in the jungle. The Danes were just crazy. Latvia showed why they are the worlds best. Estonia ensured a class performance. Austria were just "hard- Chor".

After a fairly short interval act, the winner was announced by lead judge from Latvia Elīna Garanča, who declared all who sang were wonderful, and "there can only be one winner", which was well deserved Slovenia.

The show ended in spectacular style as all the nations came together in song, along with the hosts and judges, and sang their hearts out. Tonight it was about all coming together, and singing in one voice. It ended in spectacular style with indoor fireworks, and loud applause.

Čestitke Sloveniji!!!

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