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Loic and his "Mud Blood"

We love to hear his "Rhythm Inside" whilst watching his "Million Eyes" . Belgium's representative from 2015 Loïc Nottet is back with his video for his new song "Mud Blood" song from his album "Selfocracy". One of the most unforgettable voices from 60th edition of Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Vienna, Austria, continues to work on his music career. This time he present us with his new single "Mud Blood".

“Mud Blood” is the third single by Loïc Nottet and the second single to be released from his debut album Selfocracy, which was released on March 31, 2017. The single was first released on 17 March 2017 on Spotify. It was released to promote the release of his debut album. A few months later the official video of the song has been released on his official YouTube channel.

Here you can check the official video of "Mud Blood" :

The song is typical of Loic`s music style, and if you like "Rhythm Inside" and "Million Eyes", you will love "Mud Blood" too. The song entered the Belgian charts at position 25 and 125 in the French charts.

As with his other videos this one is not as simple choreographed but it is very interesting. We see both sides of Loic's personality. The good and the bad one, we can called them his inner angel and demon, who are fighting to be at the forefront with interesting moves and motions through the mirrors.

"We got demons. Demons stuck inside our blood...Yeah we eat the mud to be free" but can the fight in the video help them too? Loic sings "We're gonna lose, mama" because at the end of the video the good side of Loic's nature seems to jump through the mirror. It has broken meaning that he can beat the bad one (bad side of his nature). However, he falls on the floor, and when he stands up he see that he is in empty white room. Maybe he is right? and all of us are gonna lose because we eat mud and have "mud blood"?

Loic has become famous after his entry in 2015, "Rhythm Inside". At the competition he came fourth with 217 points. He didn`t win but he is still one of the most loved Eurovision contestants ever, and his fans support him all the time. "Selfocracy" is the debut studio album by Belgian singer Loïc Nottet. It was released in Belgium through Sony Music Entertainment on the 31 March 2017. The album has peaked at number 1 in Belgium, number 8 in France and number 20 in Switzerland.

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