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Eurovision Choir Of The Year Tonight!!!

After it was announced earlier on this year, the wait for the first ever Eurovision Choir of The Year is nearly over. Being a new member of the Eurovision family it will see choirs pitted against each other to find who is the best in Europe. Although, it is another spin of from Eurovision, it should appeal to be a very different audience. For those who love choral music, this show will be for you. This competition will offer a different variety of music from the standard Eurovision pop, ballads and ethnic styles. Expect to hear Acapella, alongside traditional, and a touch of the nations hearitage, rousing chorus' will fill the air in Riga Latvia where the competition will be held. See the trailer below and read more about the competition below:

What Is The Competition?

It is new competition in the Eurovision family, which is loosely based on the World Choir Games. It will see nine European countries compete to find out which one is the best in Europe.

Where Will it Be Held?

It will be"Riga Calling" this year, as Latvia will have the honour of producing the first ever competition live from Arena Riga.

Who Are The Hosts?

Latvia will be the host nation. The competition will be hosted by Grammy-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre and Latvian Television’s culture presenter Eva Johansone.

What Are The Rules?

The choirs have up to six minutes to perform one or more songs in the time allocated, and they can use any genre of music to sing. However they, “should in part reflect national or regional character in some way”.

How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

Unlike Eurovision there will be no tele voting, and no 'douze point', instead a winner will be chosen by a professional and impartial jury. The jury will consist of Latvia's Elina Garanca (a mezz- soprano), Switzerland's Nicolas Fink (a conductor), and finally United Kingdoms John Rutter (composer).

What Will The Winners Win?

They will not only win the competition but will have the accolade of "The Eurovision Choir Of The Year", along with other prizes which includes a trophy. It will also give the participants to showcase their country.

Who Is Competing?

Austria Belgium Denmark Estonia Latvia Hungary Slovenia Germany Wales

All information on the Choirs are posted on the Eurovox pages. Each country has an article written up on them.

Albania, Serbia, Ukraine, and France will also broadcast the event. The show can be watched live via Please click here and can be watched via the relevant broadcaster. Some countries have opted not to broadcast live.

Eurovoxx would like to wish all the nations the best of luck and hopes the new member to the Eurovision family will take of, and become the main stay in the Eurovision shows.

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