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Manel releases his video for "Keep On Falling"

The blonde, Catalan musician who represented Spain at this years Eurovision Song Contest is back with a new song entitled "Keep On Falling". It doesn't seem to matter that he was one of the most disliked contestants at this years competition. There were a lot of memes about his bum note, and a lot of criticism on how he was selected which may have resulted in Spain coming last. Regardless of this, Manel Navarro is here to slay and sing again.

Although the song - "Keep On Falling" had been released two months ago, it is only today that the official video accompanies it. The song was released only as a digital download in May and one month later the lyric video was uploaded to Manel's official You Tube channel. The song entered the Spanish charts with it peaking at 37.

Here you can check the official video out:

The song is different from "Do It For Your Lover". It`s an emotional, inspirational ballad track with a more polished sound. He has wrote the song 6 years ago when he was only 15 years old. The song is inspired by his past which was fulfilled with pain and sadness. He sings about overcoming bad moments and bullying in our life. As he sings all we need is a spark that shows us the way. He released this song to inspire the people, who have bad moments to stay strong and to don`t give up.

Manel announces the release of his official video with posts on his social media accounts with the words above the video:

"Here is KEEP ON FALLING. One song that I wrote after one of the biggest falls in my life. Of that you think ¨I never go to stand up of this¨. I think all of us passed something like that. But you stand up. All of us do it. Because is not more higher who don´t fall, but the one who stand up and try other time. This is my little message of seperation and anti-bullying . I hope you help me to share it with the world and to diffuse the love in the same form, that we always do other things."

Manel has become famous after his entry this year, "Do It For Your Lover". At the competition he came last with 5 points getting 0 from the juries, and only 5 from the public televote. A lot of people criticised him at the time and said he deserved it due to his bad vocals on stage. Regardless of this he was, and still is very much loved by his fans.

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