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Eurovision Choir Of The Year ~ Slovenia

Photo Taken From The Choir's Official Facebook Page.

In a little over a days time. This Saturday 22nd July, the very first ever Eurovision Choir Of The Year will Take Place in Riga Latvia. It will be held in the Arena Riga and will see nine countries from Europe compete to see who will be crowned Europe's best. Over the next two days Eurovoxx will give you all the details of the artists. The 9 choirs are given six minutes to perform as many songs as they wish. The sixth country to be premiered is Slovenia. RTVSlo will be Slovenia's national broadcaster. Igor Velše will be their commentator.

Who Are Slovenia's Choir?

The choir representing Slovenia will be Carmen Manet. The choir was founded in 2011 and is an all female one, whom have become quite famous in their native Slovenia. Primož Kerštanj founded the choir, and will be their conductor when they perform tomorrow evening. There is quite a diverse age range of the group, whom they say reflects the different generations. A lot of the singers, are talented in their own rights. Put them all together, and you have one special choir. Although only 6 years old they have performed at various competitions all over the world, achieving very good placings. 2013 was when they released their first CD, and still today they release new material, and perform at various competitions all over the world. The Eurovision Choir of the Year will be another one to add to their list of competitions. Check their official Facebook page here.

What Will They Sing?

Ta na Solbici

Who Is the Conductor?

Primož Kerštanj is their conductor, and native to Slovenia. He graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Ljubljana and then studied at University of Ljubljana’s Academy of Music. In his career he has conducted several choirs including the Milko Škoberne female choir Jesenice, Vox Carniolus and from 2000 to 2010, Akademski pevski zbor France Prešeren Kranj. He also directed Dekliški pevski zbor Gimnazije Kranj choir for 8 years, and under his leadership became very successful earning them several awards. He is also a composer and a writer of music.

How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

Unlike Eurovision there will be no tele voting, and no 'douze point', instead a winner will be chosen by a professional and impartial jury. The jury will consist of Latvia's Elina Garanca (a mezz- soprano), Switzerland's Nicolas Fink (a conductor), and finally United Kingdoms John Rutter (composer).

What Are The Rules?

The choirs have up to six minutes to perform one or more songs in the time allocated, and they can use any genre of music to sing. However they, “should in part reflect national or regional character in some way”.

Eurovoxx would like to wish Slovenia all the best this Saturday. Check them singing in the video below:

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