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Eurovision Choir Of The Year ~ Hungary

Picture Taken From Bela Bartok Male Choir Official Facebook Page.

In a little over a days time. This Saturday 22nd July, the very first ever Eurovision Choir Of The Year will Take Place in Riga Latvia. It will be held in the Arena Riga and will see nine countries from Europe compete to see who will be crowned Europe's best. Over the next two days Eurovoxx will give you all the details of the artists. The 9 choirs are given six minutes to perform as many songs as they wish. The eighth country to be premiered is Hungary. MTVA will be Latvia's national broadcaster. No commentator has been officially named yet.

Who Are Hungary's Choir?

The choir representing Hungary will be Bela Bartok Male Choir. It's an all male choir this time. It is one of the oldest groups in the competition being founded all the way back in 1945. Prof. Dr Lakner Tamás has been their conductor since 1980, being one of the longest serving of all the nations. Out of all the choirs this one has to be one of the most successful winning over 42 prestigious awards over the years. More recently they finished first at the 12th Beijing International Choir Competition. They have also played at some world famous venues all over the world, and their appeal is global. They have also released recordings of their music. Eurovoxx has a sneaking suspicion that this one will do well. Check their official Facebook page here.

What Will They Sing?

Karádi nóták

Who Is the Conductor?

Picture Taken From Bela Bartok Male Choir Official Facebook Page.

Prof. Dr Lakner Tamás is their conductor, and as mentioned earlier been with the choir 37 years, which is a remarkable feat. He has helped make this choir world famous, and added to its illustrious history. He studied conducting at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. He is currently Professor of Choral Conducting at the Pécs University of Sciences. With the choir and individuality his achievements are huge with him winning over 52 prizes. Dr. Lakner Tamáshas also been decorated with the Bartók Memorial Plaque and the Liszt Award, the highest recognitions for choral musicians in Hungary.

How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

Unlike Eurovision there will be no tele voting, and no 'douze point', instead a winner will be chosen by a professional and impartial jury. The jury will consist of Latvia's Elina Garanca (a mezz- soprano), Switzerland's Nicolas Fink (a conductor), and finally United Kingdoms John Rutter (composer).

What Are The Rules?

The choirs have up to six minutes to perform one or more songs in the time allocated, and they can use any genre of music to sing. However they, “should in part reflect national or regional character in some way”.

Eurovoxx would like to wish Hungary all the best this Saturday. Check them singing in the video below.

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