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Albanian queen Lindita take our hearts again with her new summer track.

All of us remember the culmination of the First Semifinal as well as Lindita having the longest high note in the contest this year. But this note and her strong voice weren't enough for Lindita to reach the final. However, none of this matters as Lindita still has one of the strongest voices from all contestants this year.

Two months later, after the most exciting moment for Lindita, the Albanian queen released new song - “Rock Whine”. This time the song is not a strong emotional ballad with high notes like our favorite one - “World”. Instead it's a summer, pop,mid-tempo and catchy track. Not only the single but also her official video is so catchy and summer too. Lindita is walking on the beach, smiling, enjoying the summer feelings and sing to the guy who she is searching for. “Can you love me” - Lindita asked him. “Just watch my hips, dance with me, come in romance with me…” is all that she wants from him.

This track is gonna be a big summer hit not only in Albania, but in whole of Europe too. “Rock Whine” is such a good track but all of us love more when Lindita sings a ballads with her beautiful voice and we can't wait for her next strong and emotional ballad and hope that this will be so soon.

Lindita has become famous after her entry last year, “World” which was one of the strongest songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 track list. At the competition, however, the strong ballad and her amazing and beautiful performance failed to qualify for The Grand Final coming 14th, with 76 points getting 38 from the juries, and 38 from the public televote. Regardless of this she was, and still is, very much loved by her fans and maybe we will see her back on Eurovision stage with better results and why not with trophy in her hands.

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