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JESC 2017 | It's Misha for Armenia!

Earlier today, Armenian Broadcaster ARMTV announced that Misha, (full name Michael Grigoryan), aged 9, will represent them at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi, Georgia.

At only four years old, Misha was already well on his way to singing stardom when he met his future producer, Lira Kocharyan who is the founder of "Voices of Artsakh", a famous music group in Armenia, of which Misha is a member.

Despite his young age, Misha has participated in a number of international festivals, including New Wave Junior 2016, where he was the runner-up with his song "Poqrik Karabakhtsi". In May 2017, Misha performed a famous Armenian song "Ari Im Sokhak" at the "Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity" alongside other popular Armenian singers.

Misha's song for Junior Eurovision is due to be revealed in the autumn. In the mean time, why don't you check out this video that gives you an insight into Misha's singing career so far:

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