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JESC2017 | The 10 finalists have been chosen in Belarus

Yesterday afternoon, auditions took place in Minsk, Belarus for Junior Eurovision 2017. A total of 48 acts performed in front of a panel of juries, with 10 being chosen to perform in a live televised national final.

The members of the jury were:

  • Eduard Zaritsky - Composer

  • Gennady Markevich - Composer

  • Iskui Abalyan - Singer

  • Sergei Andrianov - Journalist & PR Manager

  • Tatiana Parkhamovich - Consultant at the Professional Art Department of the Belorussian Culture Ministry

  • Olga Salamakha - Deputy Director of 'Belarus 1'

  • Uzari - singer (represented Belarus at Eurovision 2015 alongside Maimuna)

The 10 finalists are:

  1. Anastasiya Sokolova

  2. Anastasiya Timofeyevich

  3. Ariny Pekhterevoy and Anastasii Dmitrachkovoy

  4. Elina Mataras

  5. Khelena Meraai

  6. Kvartet Natsional'nogo tsentra detskogo tvorchestva im.V.Mulyavina

  7. Mariya Zhilina

  8. Ruslana Panchishina

  9. Stefaniya Sokolova

  10. Yaroslav Sokolikov

Belarus are expected to select their act The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia sometime in September.

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