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Austria To Select Internal For Eurovision 2018

ORF, the head broadcaster for Austria have announced they shall be selecting an act internally for Eurovision 2018. This will be the second successive year the broadcaster has chosen to do so, and makes them only the third country to be choosing internally out of this years 17 currently confirmed countries, with Belgium and Russia also opting to choosing internally for Portugal, and Latvia not yet confirming on how they shall be selecting their entry.

ORF has also said any singers and songwriters wishing to represent Austria in Portugal have until the end of August to submit songs and from there the Music and Department Departments of ORF will cut down the candidates until one is left. All songs being submitted to ORF, cannot have featured on any social media prior, including YouTube, all songs submitted which have been will instantly be disqualified from consideration and will not be represent Austria at Eurovision 2018, this however does not prevent the singer being considered.

Nathan Trent, was selected by ORF last year internally, represented Austria with the song "Running On Air" which placed a respectful 7th in the semi final and 16th in the Grand Final, a sour note for Austria and Nathan however was, in the final, despite the solid mid table finish, he failed to score a single point from the public, with his entire total of 93 points coming from the national juries, where he did pick up a maximum twelve points from Bulgaria.

How do you feel about Austria selecting internally? And who if anyone did you want them to consider? make sure to let us know!

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