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The Dancing Queens, And Super Troopers ABBA Are Exhibiting A Show In London

"My My At Waterloo Napoleon Did Surrender", Napoleon may have done so , but ABBA didn't, as it has been recently announced that they are due to open an exhibition in London's Southbank Centre later this year. They have been voted Eurovision's Greatest Ever Winners, and have certainly left their mark on Eurovision history. Considering they didn't get a single point from the United Kingdom jury in 1974, it doesn't seem to matter as this exhibit looks set to grace British shores. The exhibition will open on the 14th December, and run until the end of April 2018.

Next year will be 44 years since Abba stole the show in Brighton, but since then have gone on to achieve incredible things. Just like Celine Dion's career, so did Abba's, and all the memories and magic of their songs and performances. The exhibition entitled "Super Troupers" will celebrate Abba's success at the competition, and their contribution to music, and the legacy that they still continue to have today.

The producers want a different take on the Abba phenomenon. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper Paul Denton states that the era that ABBA emerged from was of punk, yet "if you look at the charts, ABBA were a mainstay in the album and singles charts and there is something about that which is worth celebrating". At the time, and still now they have captured the imagination of generations and celebrated the power of love through their music. This explains why they have done so well in all four corners of the Globe.

Even in a time of music upheval in Sweden, they managed to emerge victorious. Eurovision thrust them into an international public eye, and through this ABBA have never forgotten, always acknowledging the contest for its importance. Björn Ulvaeus said of the competition when accepting an award last year, "For me the Eurovision Song Contest is a powerful symbol....I feel that during those hours, those bright uplifting hours when the Eurovision final is on air, that's one of the few times now days when Europe gets a sense of what it's like to be unified: to live in harmony". A perfect sentiment to very difficult times. So get ready to book your tickets, and enjoy the marvel of this wonderful and influential group.

At Eurovision they came first with 24 points, although it doesn't seem like a great number of votes, they won with a margin of 10 compared to the runner up. The voting system was very different from the current one, and they managed to score with most juries. Unusually they didn't score with the United Kingdom at all. This is surprising considering they were more popular there, than anywhere else.

To put it simply outside of Eurovision they were massive, and had a huge legacy. It is believed they could have sold over 500 million records worldwide over their career. They toured the world, even entering America's Billboards with top 10 hits on occasions. They were loved all over Europe, and especially in the UK where they achieved 9 number one's, and a further 10 top 40 hits. They had massive success with their albums, and even now when an updated cover is released, they seem to do very well in the charts, highlighting how popular they still are. In later years Benny and Bjorn are most renowned for their writing skills having penned "Mamma Mia" the musical that has been shown all over the world. This later translated into the blockbuster movie starring Merryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, and countless other projects. Check out their winning entry below, and a medley of some of their hits.

"ABBA Thank You For The Music"

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