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2018 Will See A Revamp For Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Denmark via their television channel DR have launched and given information on their selection process for choosing the Eurovision Song Contest participant for 2018. In it they have given details on how they will change the competition, and propose a new set of rules for those wishing to submit songs.

It has been announced that Mads Enggaard will be the Contributions Producer, who will be responsible for working with DR's television producers, and choreographers. He is no stranger to the contest as he has been the Viewing Room Producer for the last four years. This means he has been the person that has corresponded with delegation on how they want the Danish song portrayed on screen.

He states that it is not only about the music and lyrics, but the way it looks on screen, and displayed to the wider viewing audience. Mads has also tendered that songs shouldn't be amateurish and must if possible be recorded in a music studio. To Mr Enggard this shows that effort has been put into a song. From the talk, there seems to be a great emphasis on producing the best song. Denmark really want to win in 2018, as there seems to be fighting talk going on. Essentially they want a song that not only looks good on paper, but also sounds good on it too. For information regarding the rules can be found directly on the DR website.

The call for songs has also officially begun today, and those wishing for their song to be the next Eurovision act must enter it by September 15th 2017. Any songs submitted after this time will be considered for Eurovision 2019.

In Kyiv the Danish song "Where I Am" scraped through its qualification round, and finished in the Grand Final in 20th position with 77 points. 69 were given by the professional juries with only 8 being received from the public vote. The position was disappointing for those in DR who wished for a higher placing.

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