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Another New Hit From Barei As She Releases "Forget It"

Just one week after her previous track “Wasn't me” the Spanish diva Barei has released her new single - “Forget it”. At the moment she seems to be the only former Eurovision star that is consistenly putting out new music, and really working on her career. This is making us all very happy at Eurovoxx. First there was “I Don't Need To Be You”, then “Wasn't Me” and now “Forget it”. Since her Eurovision entry "Say Yey" took Europe by storm, she has consistenly produced new track, after track. All these three songs are masterpieces in their own right, and we can say with our hand on our hearts that when that new album is produced, it will be truely epic, indicitive of how all her hard work is paying off. Check her new song out here:

Less than one day after her new song was released it has made a successful entrance in Spanish iTunes chart - No. 33. Better place than her previous song "Wasn't Me" which charted on No. 35. Again she left world stars like David Guetta, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake. Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran and many others behind her.

“Forget it” is a ballad with a catchy electronic beat. The video is not as simple as her previous song. It's black, grey, white and pink showing us the lyrics of the song. Not only this, the video also shows her singing the song in different places, in various locations. We can feel her sadness and pain in her voice and see it in her eyes. “Thought I was your soulmate but then you found a girl that's more than beautiful… “ Barei seems to suggest that the beauty of the other girl doesn't matter. “She won't love you not the way that I do, no no no “ so Barei just told him “You better forget it! “. Summer isn't over and she has two new tracks “Wasn't Me” and “Forget It” seem to be as popular in Europe as in Spain.

Barei has become famous after her entry last year, "Say Yay" which was one of the most loved songs of the Eurovision 2016 track list. Her song was in the top 3 on YouTube for most watched by fans, amassing over 10 million views combined. At the competition, although it was loved and well received she failed to win or make the top 10. Unfortunately of the 26 nations she came 22nd with 77 points getting 67 from the juries, and only 10 from the public televote. Regardless of this she was, and still is very much loved by her fans.

Barei has released 3 albums, having various successes with them. Her YouTube video's tend to get a lot of attention gaining millions of views. Her best performing single was "Say Yay" which entered the Spanish charts at number 3 last year. Could this new song beat it. We hope so!!! Maybe this will be the best in her career till now. We can only wait for the new songs and album and enjoying her two new amazing songs “Wasn't Me” and “Forget it” .

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