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Could Helene Fischer Be Poised To Represent Germany In 2018?

Could Helene Fischer be poised to represent Germany at Eurovision 2018? This is the question on the Eurovoxx team's lips at the moment. The blond beauty, and German sweet heart has been on the wish list for Eurovision fans for such a long time. Therefore, could next years edition of the Contest see many people's dreams come true, and see her grace the Eurovision stage? Eurovoxx will examine how this year, the rumour seems a little more credible, than previous years.

Of course every year with most nations there is always some sort of wild rumour in regards to artists or national finals. It has started as a murmuring by, but of course from here it has caught our attention, and as a result has had lead several members of the Eurovoxx team to do some digging around, and found some striking references or perhaps coincidences to why a participation may be likely. Check out Voxxviews below where Clara and Elliot discuss this:


Most artists use social media to their advantage, and it seems the Eurovision stars are no different. In particular we have come across instances where, after a long period of inactivity, a year or so before Eurovision week, they come alive and active again. This happened to Nathan Trent last year before he sang for Austria. In the case of Helena, as of the 18th April her Instagram was re-activated, and has had several new pics since, that have been posted in April and May. Not concrete proof but we have found it has happened before with previous artists, so could it happen with Helene?

Helene's Instagram has only recently been activated in the past 2 months

Tour Dates

Helene is a very busy lady, and being so popular she does a lot of touring. When examining her tour dates Eurovoxx has noticed that her current one ends in March 2018, with the new one beginning in June 2018. If she were to represent Germany she has the perfect two month window to promote her song, and put all her energies into a potential participation. If it were true that she was chosen, the start of her new tour would most certainly boosted by what we could suspect a very good placing for Germany. This is all objecture, but were it to happen, the timing would be perfect.

Record Label

Her record label is also another source, as to why she maybe chosen as Germany's representative. She is currently signed to Universal music, which we have noticed is the record label that signed "Lena", "Roman Lob", "Jamie Lee" and "Is it right" by "Elaiza". Admittedly, these artists were only signed for the Eurovision song, but Helene already has that contract in place, and would be the perfect artists to sing for Germany.

Ms Fischer and the Eurovision effect?

Helene is no stranger to Eurovision either, which makes us think that a participation may be on the cards. She famously gave the points for Germany in 2014 which had wetted the appetite for many fans. However, since this she been involved in many ESC pre parties, and does perform at these events, on a yearly basis it seems. The most recent being at Hamburg on the 13th May 2017 where she performed there. Could these events be a pre-cursor to the Grand Final?

Helene Singing at Hamburg on the 13th May this year during an Eurovision event.

ARD And It's Change Of Format

As reported by Eurovoxx earlier this month it was announced that the German Broadcaster ARD who is in charge of the Eurovision selection process, has had a massive re-think of how it will chose its representative. After a third successive year where the "Unser Star Fur...." has languished at the bottom of the score board, which may have contributed to the fall in viewing figures in Germany. The head of ARD Thomas Shreiber would neither deny or confirm if fan favourite Helene Fischer would be Germany's representative. He explained they were just focussed on a new show. If she isn't to become Germany's representative why not just deny it? At the moment it all makes very interesting readings.

At the moment all of the above can be seen as precursors to her representing Germany, although it is important to note that this is only rumour , and may see many disappointed if she does not. Unlike some nations like the United Kingdom where it is seen as a poisoned chalice for a career, it is very different across the continent, where it is seen as a positive career move. Helene does not need the benefit of Eurovision for her career, but Eurovision could certainly do with her in it. Stay tuned to find out if we get any more interesting information.

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