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Belgium's Blanche Still Riding High On Her Eurovision Success

It has been over seven weeks since the Grand Final come to an end with Portugal's Salvador Sobral winning in spectaular style in Kyiv. Although, for the general public the competition is over and done with for another year, it seems for some of the artists it is not quite not like that. Blanche is certainly an example of this case and her Eurovision 2017 song, "City Lights" has recently gone platinum. Check her Eurovision performance below:

Prior to the competition Blanche's songs was one of the favourites to win, consistently scoring well amongst the OGAE and press polls. However, after her rehearsals some doubt was placed on her performance, as she seemed almost terrified on stage, and didn't come across that well on screen. Regardless of this the fans, juries and public responded and she did extremely well. Blanche achieved 4th place with 364 points. What is interesting to see is how well her single has done since.

The single itself has spent around 15 weeks in the Belgium chart, and has gone platinum with over 20,000 sales of the record. She also went to number one with the hit in Lithuania, and has charted highly in over 16 European countries. Even in the United Kingdom it managed to break the top 40 which is quite a feat for a Eurovision song. Even now the song is still charting in some countries such as Switzerland, and Sweden. Only Salvador Sobral is the other contestant of the competition to match this.

This year VRT are responsible for selecting Belgium's Eurovision 2018 entry. They have opted to do it internally just like previous years. Since 2013, Belgium has seen a renaissance in their Eurovision entries with them qualifying with ease and becoming very successful both inside and outside the competition. This is probably the reason why some artists are already expressing their desire to be part of the Eurovision magic. De Romeo's, Ozark, Belle Perez, Gene Thomas and Kate Ryan (Belgium 2006) are just some of the names that have put themselves forward.

Stay tuned to Eurovoxx over the next few months as we give you more information on the next artist who is poised to represent Belgium in 2018.

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