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Europe's Celebrating As Rosa Releases Her New Single "Al Fin Pienso En Mi"

Since Rosa López celebrated with Europe in Eurovision 2002 with her catchy and anthemic song, "Europe's Living A Celebration" she has become no stranger to the limelight. Recently, she has come back with her brand new single "Al Fin Pienso En Mi" which was released on the 2nd June 2017 via her Youtube channel, and her social media accounts. Already hitting over 125,000 views she is proving really popular with fans of her music. "Al Fin Pienso En Mi" is a new song from her new and upcoming album "Kairos" which will be released tomorrow. It contains 12 songs, and be sure to keep an eye out for it. Check the video out below:

This track is very different from the up-tempo, anthemic Eurovision number. She has evolved into a classy rock goddess for this video. Her superb vocals are flawless which has a sort of husk edge to them. The video see's her with cropped hair, wearing a black leather jacket in an empty room with a piano. Her voice, and appearance graces this video beautifully.

The song itself is very catchy, but not too over dramatic with the beat, it has a cool electric guitar, and piano sound to it. The song that translates to "At Last I Think Of Myself" seems to make reference to Rosa's life, and self discovery. Rosa López seems to be guiding us on her journey, over coming her fears, and shows how she is healing. There is reference to her being like a puppet mid-way through the song, showing how she is restricted, and may even suggest her life has been controlled. However, just like the video the strings are released, and she has broken free.

At Eurovision she sang her catchy track "Europe's Living A Celebration" which won the Spanish National Final with over 85% of the vote. She was tipped to win the contest by the Spanish media and her performance on Operación Triunfo was up until 2008 the highest broadcast in Spain. Despite being favourite she came 7th with 81 points.

Life outside of Eurovision has been very kind to Rosa, she has released 10 albums selling many thousands of units, with the earliest albums going multi-platinum. She has performed many tours, and have appeared on television on lots of occasions. In 2015 she made her way to London to Celebrates Spain's contribution in Eurovision's greatest hits. Ms López continues to grow from strength to strength. Eurovision hopes she continues to grow and blossom.

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