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Dana International Is Back With Her Amazing Track Ruti - דנה אינטרנשיונל - רותי (Prod. Ori Galili)

Eurovision's darling and sweetheart is back with a fantastic track "Ruti - דנה אינטרנשיונל - רותי (Prod. Ori Galili)". Although, it has been nearly 20 years since she was thrust into the public eye by winning the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham UK, Dana International shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. Recognised in Eurovision's Greatest Hits she nails it with another classic, upbeat, catchy and infectious track. Released four days ago on her Youtube channel, along with iTunes, Spotify, Eurovoxx really hopes that this hits the right note with fans, who buy, and listen to it. The music and lyrics are written by Regev Dahan, and produced by Dana Ltd. Check out her new song now:

The song itself tells of a girl called Ruth who is stuck in a "ritual routine", where "the laundrey is not dry" and there is, "No change of clothes". She flirts with a neighbours son who is a soldier who calls her, "strawberry". He seems to lead a life of jets, and boats, but she doesn't. "The garden is mess", and she can't escape this or the noise, unlike the boy who she is flirting with.

The video accompanying the song is very simple based on a yellow background, with a cartoonic woman, who is upset and crying. She is holding a mop and duster, and is clearly not happy with this. Hebrew words accompany this bubbling up in the video. A telephone, candles, brush and a plane appear at certain points of the video all being symbolic to the song. The song is very catchy, with such a cool, chilled rhythm with a nice beat that leaves you tapping your feet. It genuinely is one of her better songs, and Euroxoxx genuinely loves this one, and has a heartfelt admiration for a woman that, "delivers messages of freedom, liberation, fun and love through the language of her music, which varies from dance and house dance floor tracks to pop and ballads".

At Eurovision Dana International is one of the most influential artists ever. Being the first trans woman, she transformed the contest itself which embraced the diverse nature of it's fans, and made it what it is today. She tried to represent Israel in 1995 with a song, "Layla Tov Eropa (Goodnight Europe)", which came second in Israel's national final. This did not stop her achieving her dream because she won for Israel in 1998 with the song "Diva" gaining 172 points, and became known internationally, even across America, where they wanted a piece of her. In 2011 she came back again with her song, "Ding Dong", unfortunately this time it did not hit the right note with viewers and failed to qualify for the final.

Life After Eurovision has seen her just as busy, Dana International has released eight albums, and three cover albums, and she describes herself as one of Israel's most sucessful music acts ever. Her singles, have stormed the charts in her native country and song's like "Loveboy" (see below) have gone on to be massive hits.

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