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Iveta Mukuchyan Releases Her New Song Hayastan Jan / Հայաստան ջան

Armenia's 2016 Eurovision entrant Iveta Mukuchyan is back. She is back in spectacular style with a massive ethnic balkan pop song which we at Eurovoxx absolutely love. With this ethnic beat, this song will definitely go far in the Armenian charts. Just in time for summer you will be left humming the tune, and jiving to the music. If you like a good beat, tune and voice, this song is most certainly the tune for you. Released yesterday afternoon on her official YouTube channel it has already ammased 45,000 hits which is not bad going at alll. Released by Duerto Studio's we urge you to check the song out here:

We can't praise this song enough. It starts with a couple driving a truck with Iveta's Eurovision song from last year playing in the background. All of a sudden she bangs the back window, jumps from the van. Next!!!! All hell breaks loose. The drums, and Balkan music, and dancing erupts from everywhere. Iveta is certainly the centre of attention in this video with her bright red lipstick, the men go crazy for her. She dances with soldiers in a tradition dance, but it doesn't feel out of place with the modern, yet traditional ethnic sound. At one point she is changed into traditional dress, almost like a swan, yet she still manages to ruffle feathers, and gets the attention of everyone. This song is far superior to her Eurovision entry in every way.

At Eurovision she represented Armenia with the song "Love Wave", which she easily qualified in second position from her semi final. Although picked to sing last in the Grand Final this did not stop her from doing well. She came 7th with 249 points. 134 were awarded by the televoting and 115 given by the professional jury.

Iveta first came to prominence in 2009 where she came fourth in the talent show "Hey Superstar", in 2014 she participated in "The Voice Germany". She has released several singles over the years that have charted really well, and won three awards in the music industry. She also debuted in her acting career towards the end of last year with the film, "Run Away Or Get Married".

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