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"Move Your Body" Donny Montell is back with his new single

Earlier this week Donny Montell, Lithuania's 2012 and 2016 Eurovision representative brought us a brand new track just in time for Summer. The song "Move Your Body" which was released on the 23rd June via his Facebook page, has now gone onto Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and seems to be generating a fair bit of interest. Check his new song below:

The happy, feel good tune wants you all to move your body. His cracking vocals, and infectious beat will most certainly get you doing that. It is quite a modern sounding track and fits in well with what is being played on the Radio today. He asks you, "Baby, don't you forget where you belong". The answer to this is that we all know, "If you just move your body, move your body, nothing's gonna stop you". It won't stop us going onto the dance floor dancing to the track. Here at Eurovoxx we absolutely love the song, and hope it does well.

This single is the second instalment from Donny this year where his previous track "Screw Me Up" certainly raised many eyebrows. Not only for the infectious tune, but the video which showed Donny off to his athletic best. The style in which we see Donny perform these days is a massive contrast to his first Eurovision performance in 2012 where "Love Was Blind". He seems to have reinvented himself, and found the perfect nitshe for his voice and talent. If you haven't heard or seen it check "Screw Me Up Here":

At Eurovision Donny represented Lithuania in 2012 with the song, "Love Is Blind" that placed 14th with 70 points, the country's best result since 2006. His second appearance was very different to the first. In 2016 his song, "I've Been Waiting For This Night" came in 9th position with 200 points.

Outside of Eurovision Donny Montell has gone onto make quite a name for himself, with the latter years proving moving more successful. He has released 2 albums, and over 10 singles, all doing very well. Eurovoxx are really hoping that a new album is on the cards.

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