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Engelbert has the "hump" over his Eurovision flop

Although it has been five years since Engelbert Humperdinck was the suprise representative for Britain at the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaiajan 2012. It seems like the seasoned performer is still unhappy at the way his song was received and faired in Baku. Being friends with the likes of Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra in their hay day's did the crooner no favours as he languished at the bottom of the scoreboard scoring 12 points, coming 25th out of 26. He only scored 5 more points than last place Norway.

It is true to say since the early 2000's the United Kingdom have never really troubled the scoreboard, and only made the top 5 twice with Jessica Garlick in 2002 and Jade Ewan in 2009. Many would blame the fact that it was political, and the UK never really stand a chance any more. He performed first which certainly would not have helped his chances by the end of the evening. Age cannot be blamed either as Russia's Buranovskiye Babushki were a lot older and managed to achieve second position.

In a feature interview with the Britain's metro there is a daily section where celebrities or people of importance are asked questions, and give brief answers. Thursday's edition saw Engelbert Humperdinck take his turn. On being asked whether or not he had watched this year's event he said, "No, I don't watch it. It's very political. The UK will never be up there again because the competition is too controlled. No matter how much talent you send out there from the UK, nothing will come of it".

Of politics he blamed that for his result too, saying that a Global artist such as himself who has a record contract, was able to be beaten by a bunch of Russian grannies. He stated, "There was a group of Russian grannies who were cooking when they were singing. How does that make sense? And they came second". Not content with that he also slams the British public for falling into the trap of politics, and blames it for a reason why his single peaked at 60, and the winning entry Loreen's peaked at number 3. If it does help though, there was one member of the Eurovoxx team that did buy his single, and has seen it gathering dust on a shelf ever since. Two years ago he spoken on a British television show called "Loose Women", he stated the same comments then. Check it out:

Whether Engelbert is right or wrong in his opinions, surely he cannot fail to admit that his last top ten single was in 1969, and 45 years later people are bound to have different music tastes. That year Loreen won the competition with a landslide of votes, her song was fresh, modern and clearly was what European voters wanted. Relive Engelbert's performance below:

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